Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ridiculous Sentences That Are Holding You back From a Marketing Success
Words are dangerous, how much more if it is a sentence? It can create and destroy your career.  Yes, as human beings, we are prone to making excuses. Every one of us here deals with the same sentiments, especially when we feel like being insecure and immature at times – and then, excuses came in! Do you know that excuses are ridiculous and can hold you back from a marketing success? Well, if you are working in a digital marketing company Philippines, excuses are strictly a no-no!

If you try to ask successful marketing professionals who excel in their work, one of the common qualities they possess is doing their respective task without any excuses. Excuses will definitely make your day. Well, if you are one of those marketers who are unaware that you are already trying to make an excuse, then below are some excuses that you might tend to use it all the time.

“I’m too busy.”

If you are busy, we are too! We are all busy with our own duties and responsibilities as a marketer. There are even times that our tasks are already pilling with another task – and it is annoying just by thinking that we still have a lot to do. Yes, it might be a valid reason, but definitely not an acceptable one. Do you know that being “too busy” can hinder the success of your marketing career? Yes, due to our busy-ness, we are unaware that we already tend to create a wall that hinders change. Sometimes, we are not willing to re-prioritize, to examine possibilities, and to change to accommodate another opportunity – and it’s a sad thing.

Why don’t you try having a to-do list? In that way, you will identify which of your task is the most top priority for you to do, rather than accumulating and finishing all your tasks at once. It's tiring and it’s killing you.

“I don’t have the experience.”

Having this as an excuse often means of perfectionism – not in an “anything worth doing is worth doing it right” way. You definitely won’t know and learn anything if you don’t try it in the first place. If you lack experience, this is one of your opportunities to know more about it. Doing digital marketing is a skill, it can be learned. Even if you don’t have any slightest idea about the marketing industry, if you are just willing to learn, then there is definitely a room for improvements. Learning for the first time might be a challenge on your end, however, that’s when the learning fun begins.

“I need more money.”

Oh please, we all do! Yes, we may be struggling and stuck with our financial responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use any other means. It is a matter of how you perceive things and on how you approach them. Well, if you don’t have any budget to do and have the things that you need, then you might as well find an alternative route to find your own funding. Sometimes, you have to make some sacrifices and cut unnecessary expenses on the things that we like. Most of the successful digital marketers start their business with small about of budget, then they make it grow.

“It’s not worth it”

 Do you know that success starts with small opportunities that come your way? There are times that we ignore small things and go after the big ones. Yes, it is a good thing that you aim high. However, aiming high without any certainties that you can definitely achieve such goal, then it might not be the right path for you. Especially if you are one of those starters, you have to invest first and in smaller ones. In that way, you have a lot of room for improvements. And as your business grows, your journey as a digital marketer also grows through your own personal experience.

“I can’t”

Don’t even think about it! These words are definitely unhealthy for you and for your career. Thinking and putting negativity on your system will surely doom you. Why is it that you can’t, while everybody can? Even if you don’t excel in a particular field, at least you have tried doing it; you will excel in it eventually. If you are a marketer, never allow this kind of excuse ruin your life.

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