Thursday, October 27, 2016

Major Factors to Consider When Posting Content on Social Media

There’s a combined art and science when it comes to posting social media content.

Art, in terms of crafting engaging content that appeal both to logic and emotions of the readers, and science when munching numbers and studying the total engagement a post receives as per results of a platform’s analytics.

Different experts could tell you varied suggestions on when to post, but the fact is, you can’t clearly see this yourself unless you’ve undergone several trial and error to see when your target market often goes online.

As you start working on your social media strategy, take some time to take a step back and consider the following crucial factors.


Just like choosing a strategic place to start your business, location also matters in social media management. For ventures such as social media marketing company Philippines who usually service bigger entities abroad, knowing the optimal time of posting for the market of those companies takes precedence.

Studying the activity per location helps you assess the specific time when most people are active people are active.

Personal availability

Also, it’s vital that you know the time when you’re personally available to handle the posting online. Naturally, you can’t do the entire thing 24/7. 

You’ll need breaks at a regular basis. The times you spent managing your social media accounts are the best moments to engage with your followers.

Make use this period to reply on comments, reblog posts or retweet relevant and interesting content.


These are generally optional and you may not need this at a personal basis. However, running social media accounts for a business is different. You have to be constantly present. Using tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and CoSchedule calendar allows you to schedule posts in advance.

Quality of engagement across different type of posts

Social posts can fall under the following types:

  • ·         Articles
  • ·         Images
  • ·         Videos
  • ·         Audio
  • ·         Quotes
  • ·         Infographics
  • ·         Slideshow

These types can have varied level of engagement depending on their quality and target viewers. When creating a marketing strategy, consider the past engagements acquired by different post types. Which of them are more responsive on a specific time?

Record your findings and use it as guide when posting your next content.

Uniqueness of analytics used by respective social media platforms

Different social media platforms have their own unique analytics.  It’s not enough that you understand how Facebook works because its metrics is different from Twitter and the rest. By understanding the means on how these platforms operate, you’re able to adjust your strategies unique for each portal.

Even if one content succeeds in attracting attention from one SM avenue, it doesn’t guarantee success to other portals. Messaging would also play a vital role. A one paragraph curation for Facebook won’t work on Twitter’s 140 character limit. The trick is to create engaging copies enough to draw your target for a specific medium.

There is no foolproof method on how to succeed in social media campaigns. It’s always a work in progress and the platform itself is dynamic. Still, you can make use of the pre-established metrics and some automation tools to make your strategy implementation more time-efficient.

Reevaluate the current method you’re using for your campaign. Is it doing enough justice to promote your content? How responsive are the people to the information you publicize? Are you posting at the most optimal time fit for your market?

All of these questions are vital in arriving at a more concrete means of boosting your strategy’s overall efficiency. Prepare high-quality content and distribute them across different social media platforms the right way, at the right time.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Increase Your Social Media Knowledge Using these 5 Websites!

Social connectivity has undeniably stolen the spotlights in terms of information sharing. Digital marketers and even private individuals are now spending more time on social networking sites in finding people, promoting a product and even doing surveys.

But with its popularity comes the bigger challenge of utilizing a specific platform at its best. Setting up your account is one. Planning your posts is another. For personal use, this may seem like a no-brainer. After all, places like Twitter and Facebook can easily be used to serve as one’s online journal.

It means differently though for businesses. Rather than acting as a journal, social media sites act as promotional platforms that boost the visibility and credibility of a company. This is exactly why digital marketers invest considerable time in crafting strategies on how to improve their overall online presence and engagement with their market.

Today, we’ve listed five websites that could help marketers boost their social media expertise. Feel free to check out the following.

Social Media Examiner

 This site focuses on the nitty-gritty of different social media platforms and how they can be used to advertise, promote and connect with different people. If you think you know everything about social networking sites, think again. There’s more to it than mere sharing of information.

This website teaches you how to optimize its usage in the most efficient way fit for yout target market. It’s an excellent source as well of add on resources that could help increase traffic to your page or account.


It’s composed of a community of skilled digital marketers who offer their tips, experiences and proven-effective guides on how modern marketers should treat online engagement. They feature articles, podcasts and even ebooks available for anyone who finds marketing essential.

Limited offers such as webinars or online symposium are sometimes held to gather interested in one place learn the most recent and practical approach in digital marketing.


Scheduling is a crucial factor when it comes to sharing information online. If you don’t strategize well, chances are, you won’t catch the attention of your target on the same moment when they spend their time on SM platforms.

This issue in scheduling is what CoSchedule tries to address. Their blog site is an excellent source of informatin in terms of identifying the optimal times to share content online. They also offer tips to help marketers make their content more attractive to readers.


One of the major challenges digital marketers have is time management. This website gives helpful inputs on how marketers and salespeople could become more productive in their work.

This is also an efficient resource when looking for information involving SEO and blog posting.


If its about anything relevant to social media and its recent innovation, then this website is the go-to place. It features the latest breakthroughs from website owners, social networking startup companies and more.

Social media marketing is now mainstream and companies who are serious in attracting more customers have no reason to shy away from this technique.

Even the most seasoned corporations recognize the importance of connecting digitally with their market. Should you find yourself having some difficulty in making your promotions more effective, perhaps it’s time to up your game by studying more closely the anatomy of the platform in use.

Keep in mind that different social media sites have their own unique metrics. The ones that work on Facebook may not necessarily receive the same response when applied on Twitter. As a marketer, it’s your professional obligation to assess the effectiveness of your strategy and continuosly work on making it better. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Social Media Marketing Killers You Should Now Stop Doing

Seth Godin, a prominent American entrepreneur and marketer once said,’Markeing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.’

And when it comes to telling stories, we all know how social media has become everyone’s favorite. From text stories to images and videos, we’ve all seen how convenient and accessible it is to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like for reaching friends and people with the same interests.

Now that anyone can readily create their accounts on social media, it shouldn’t be  surprise why marketers are also jumping into this platform to promote their company’s product or service.

Unfortunately for many, social media has been treated as one of those avenues to hard sell something instead of building connection with people, which is the very premise of why the platforms are created in the first place.

Today, we’ve listed notorious things that are most likely ruining your marketing strategy without you knowing about it.

Frequent content posting

We’re supposed to be active online. So shouldn’t we post more?

Posting social media content at a regular basis is important to gain traffic. But the frequency has to be strategic enough to avoid becoming more of a nuisance than an asset to your followers.

Remember that the typical SM user has scattered attention span as he or she jumps from one site to another, checking different information across various sources.

Posting stuff every minute or hour could be perceive as annoying especially if you’re just sharing posts that they’ve already read from somewhere else. Stop being redundunt and give your audience a breather.

Disregarding schedules

This is primarily related to the previous one. The secret to achieving a good posting frequency is to schedule. Naturally, schedules are adjustable depending on engagment results, but the point is, you’re abiding at something consistent and random.

Unfortunately, many noob marketers prefer random posting with scattershot frequency to experiment. While this has its own benefits, the negatives ultimately outweighs the positive.

Disregarding schedule doesn’t help in long-term marketing strategy. Plus it endangers your page’s ability to maintain solid viewership.

Spammy call-to-action

CTAs (call-to-action) are important since it helps lead your customers on what to do next. Unfortunately, CTAs could also backfire especially if you’re using inappropriate ones.

For instance, using the popular ‘Buy Now!’ CTA on every product you introduce may sound okay, but will ultimately appear as a spam.

It’s best to experiment on variation by studying how the best pages do it. There are lots of creative call-to-action out there. Make the best out of them!

Sharing random rants

Keep in mind that you’re focus is to market whatever product or service it is that you offer. While sharing random thoughts could be tempting, it doesn’t necessarily have a place in your marketing strateg especially if your rants are totally irrelevant to your branding.

Save those rants on personal accounts and away from your business’ identity.

Bombarding friends or followers to like, comment or share your post

Who doesn’t want to have more likes, comments and shares on social media? Marketers do. It’s technically part of their job.

However, these things are gained. They’re not forced. So there’s no point in having to tell all of your friends to engage on every post you share. It’s fine on special promotions but you can’t do it always on each single post.

Doing so would be annoying and irrelevant. Just stop. If your content is really worth sharing, organic shares and engagements would say so.

Maximize the usage of social media by making sure you don’t flood them with unecessary posts.

Be vigilant about everything you share and stay consistent with your brand. Your followers expect you to provide something of value and not just rehash of what other websites have provided.

Up your marketing strategy and don’t let the ones on our list ruin your momentum!