Friday, September 1, 2017

SEO in 2018: Debunking Objections Against SEO

SEO benefits are immense and proven, and yet there are still thousands of companies shying away from it. Unfortunately, these companies chose to believe that SEO is no good. Wrong. Here are some of the most common SEO objections and why they are completely untrue.

Common SEO Objections in 2018

1) SEO is not effective.

This is perhaps the biggest falsehood regarding SEO in the Philippines or anywhere else for that matter. It is as if saying that advertising doesn’t work at all. Plain absurd. There is a big difference between an optimized and unoptimized site wherein the user can easily find the optimized site than the unoptimized one.

However, this objection can be right, that is if the SEO provider is using black hat methods.

2) SEO is unpredictable.

Yes, it is. Nevertheless, unpredictable doesn’t necessarily mean unreliable as what the objection implies. Due to persistent algorithm changes, there are various ways by which SEO may become predictable. One of these is complying with the best practices and checklists.

A critical path in making SEO more predictable is by educating yourself regarding the changes including new strategies and tactics.

3) SEO is unstable.

This objection seems blurry because it is not clear which is unstable – SEO itself or the outcomes (traffic + ranking) that SEO produces. Regardless though, what makes SEO unpredictable is the fact that aside from new algorithms, your competitors are doing SEO and their strategies is more sophisticated than yours.

Doing purely white hat methods is a surefire way of combating SEO’s instability.

4) SEO takes a while.

Creating web presence is easy because all you need is a website. Building such presence is the tricky part because it takes a little longer. It is true they say that you cannot rank a site in just one day. An established presence, along with traffic and ranking, always takes time.

Be reminded that SEO is an ongoing effort. Results are only evident at least after a couple of months of launching a campaign. Some campaigns even require more than six months to bring the desired results.

5) SEO is too technical.

SEO involves technical and non-technical processes. This is the main reason SEO must be integrated with the web design process as early as possible. Finding keywords, targeting them, creating contents based on each keyword that attracts the right users, monitoring the performance of the keywords and analyzing data are no easy feat.

While it may appear technical for some, the good news is everything can be learned.

6) SEO is expensive.

Indeed. Good SEO gets harder with each algorithm update. That’s why the prices are shooting up. On the other hand, SEO has never been free. While it is so, it is relatively cheaper than other types of online promotion.

Think of SEO as an investment that offers ongoing returns. Done right, you may reap the SEO benefits even after a year or two.

SEO is an ever-changing landscape, but not all changes will affect the performance of your website. Some might even do more good than harm, that is if the website is practicing white hat SEO. The above are just objections, and each has its explanation and solution. So, there is no reason not to include SEO in your digital marketing portfolio.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What to do to have an Effective Heartfelt Video Ad

The industry of digital marketing in Philippines has been an effective tool of advertising a business’ or person’s brand, products and services. Be it social media marketing or the other technical matters like SEO and PPC; we know that digital marketing is something or rather “the thing.” 

If you’d notice, both in digital and traditional marketing, video ads today have a different trip – that is to make the human out of you. Companies or groups usually release these type of video advertisements concerning a particular event like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s, Christmas, just to name some of which. 

An example of that is Jollibee’s Valentine special series (Vow, Crush, Date). If you didn’t shed any tear, you know that it silently pained you somewhere inside. Some of the stories just hit you right in your heart, but even if it doesn’t relate to you in any way, there is just something that made you feel and think that that is heartfelt.

So what does it take for an ad to be genuine and compelling?

Have a theme that is relevant 

You should have a theme that is relevant, and it’s not just about the upcoming holidays. It could be something about the reality of life the minority sectors face, or we need to endure. How about having a theme that is pertaining to escaping the harsh realities life is throwing at us? Almost all theme are doable, you just also need to have the other points as well like the next one:

The storyline should be easy to understand (but with a twist!)

Given that your competitors or other groups will also release a video ad probably revolving around the same theme as yours, your storyline is what will make it unique. As much as possible, it should be easy to grasp without comprising its quality. It’s better if you were able to make your audience think beyond what you’ve shown them. 

Aside from giving them the feels and triggering their thoughts, make a good plot twist. However, plot twists are quite overrated already so the one you are thinking of should be unique and unforeseen.

Connect with your target audience

In every publicity materials we release, we should be able to identify which group or sector of the society we are trying to reach out to. Pointing this out will help you narrow down your ideas and plans. The video ad may not be directly about them, but it is something that speaks to them. 

Obviously, great graphics and sounds – photography, cinematography, and music

The technical aspects of video ads are as important as your storyline. We know how short the attention span of people is and not all will spare some of their time in a video ad especially if it is not aesthetically appealing. Your musical scoring should also be great. Remember that what we hear is one of the major factors of what we feel. Try to watch a horror movie and mute the volume then play a different song that is not fit to the genre. You won’t feel scared or shocked with the scenes that will make you jump if it’s not on mute.

Don’t forget that at the end of the day, you aim to market your brand

You just don’t want to make people feel every all feels you want them to feel. Use this marketing strategy in a good way people will remember your name. Like what they say, some people may forget what you did to or for them but not how you make them feel.

There you go! If you think there are other factors we should take a look into, share your thoughts.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Why Facebook Should be on your Marketing Strategy Plan

In general, the status of digital marketing in the Philippines and globally is competitive and has a high impact in one’s advertising strategies. One branch of digital marketing is the use of social media which include, on top of many, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Given that the Internet users almost reached 4 billion, digital marketing is one good way of promoting products and services. But why Facebook should be a priority?

Facebook has a significant number of active users

If you are looking for an avenue where you can promote your products, services or brand in a wide range of audience, Facebook is there to help you. According to statistics, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active users for the month of March this year. It is 18 percent higher than the other year. It’s also important to note that the Philippines lead the world ranking for the most active people in social media (Facebook included, of course). Filipinos spend an average of 8 hours and 59 minutes online and regarding social media, we go for 4 hours and 17 minutes and still the number one in world stats.

Aside from that, 25 to 34-year-olds are usually are on Facebook which takes 29.7% of the pie. Your products and services may greatly appeal to these ages.


This social networking site is easy to navigate

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many people go online on Facebook - it is user-friendly. Moreover, if you are managing a page, you wouldn’t need a couple of hours just to figure out how this button or ad work. There will always be the help section or FAQs to go to. On top of the regular posting, Facebook offers “boost” for your page and posts. No hassle, no tricks, no headaches - Facebook is just easy to use.

Advertising in Facebook won't hurt your wallet

Remember that Facebook offers services to boost your page and posts? It’s only for a minimal fee. Just think that you will be spending a small amount of money which is going to be worth it. Reports said that advertising in Facebook is comparatively cheaper than Google.



And you can always interact with your followers

One thing we love about Facebook is that it’s very interactive vis-a-vis other social networking sites. You can quickly respond to the queries you get from your friends and followers, reply to their comments and posts. It makes your leads and customers feel that you are just around the corner and ready to respond to their questions about your products and services. If you would closely look at it, many online sellers use Facebook as their platform.




Facebook Live is one for the books

Triple yes for this! If you are offering something new to the market, posting a video and making it live is a great move to promote your item. Your followers will know how your item works, and since it's live, they know there’s no hocus-pocus going on. And if they find it nice, word of mouth (actually, sharing) will do the magic itself. 

Facebook pretty much got everything

Though each social media or networking site is unique, we can say that Facebook got it all for you. Photo uploads like in IG? You can simply do it in your timeline and check the pictures in a separate tab. Videos similar to Youtube? You can also upload in HD on Facebook. Hashtags and trending reports like in Twitter? Say no more as Facebook got it too. 


So aside from registering for a personal account, you might want to make one for your business, group or brand as well. If the reasons presented above are not enough, you should start researching further and read reviews from other users. Anyway, give it a try as there’s nothing to lose. Happy marketing (digitally)!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Joining a Conversation is Not Enough in Marketing - Spark It!

Advertising online has been very alluring to companies and brands ever since social media has successfully bridged the gap between continental boundaries.

Brands want to make friends with the people. They want to be the first on a consumer’s list of must-have products, and apparently, the best way to go about this is through social media marketing.

It’s about joining the conversation of what’s currently ‘in.’ A lot of digital marketers work in the dynamic that makes use of the trends to create campaigns that would make the product they’re promoting highly relevant to the market’s needs. In practice, this is highly strategic.

Unfortunately, with the fast-paced change that applies to what are currently trendy, being a participant of a conversation to gain leverage is no longer enough. To keep your substantial market intact and continue attracting customers, providing that unique spark is what matters more.

Sparking a conversation

But how exactly would you provide the spark? Is it about introducing a new topic?

To answer the question, it will help to recall on a good definition of the word spark. WordWeb app defines the term as:

-a small but noticeable trace of some quality that might become stronger.”

-a momentary flash of light.”

Creating a spark doesn’t necessarily have to start with something big. It can mean tapping into something small and obvious and adding a creative twist that would captivate the attention of a particular group of people. Below are few tips on how to create a spark to a particular topic.

Find out what people like most about a topic.

Before you can start crafting any marketing campaign, it's crucial that you first have a clear understanding of what makes people tick. What are the trends? What makes these trends highly conversational? How viral is it?

Understanding the nature of the trend makes it easier for you to identify which of the information can be used to promote your brand.

List unique angles that haven't been touched by any brands yet.

As you go on analyzing the trends, it's likely that you'll encounter relevant ads, promotional materials, and information produced by other companies as their unique means of riding the viral topic.

The job of digital marketers is to find a unique angle that hasn't been touched by other companies and use it to their advantage.

List features of your brand that can use the trend as an anchor.

It's imperative for digital marketers to have a profound knowledge of the product they are promoting. However, current campaigns may not necessarily highlight all the great features company products offer. To recalibrate your campaign by using the trend, the best way to start is to once again list down all the features of a product or service and try to incorporate them to the brand new messaging together with the trendy information.

Start a poll, quiz, game, promo or other interactive activities that your customers can participate online – for free!

Last but not the least, try conducting polls and quizzes online and share them on various social media platforms. They should mirror an aspect of what is trendy and somehow encourage your readers or participants to give your product a look without having to sell hard.

Successful digital marketing starts with being able to attract attention from your primary market. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be so easy considering the number of competitors in the field who seek to be noticed by the public. This is why many ventures invest in the service of SEO company in the Philippines to outrank the rest in the search engine.

Be constantly aware of the trend and create compelling copies to make your strategy more efficient. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

5 Habits Great Artists Have that Can Help You Be a Better Content Creator

Creativity is a gift, so if we don't have it, then why waste time?

Well, guess what, we can all be creative. Yes, we can!

The real issue is not about how to be creative but if we are even willing to mindfully love what we do to the point of doing everything that we can to achieve the result we desire.

Creativity may be a gift, but it's nurtured through action. If one stops 'doing,' he can never expect to see something good come out of the effort and time he invested. Great artists in all walks of art became who they are after tireless years of doing, experimenting and learning. Their legacy was never instant. It's the product of consistent, well-trained process.

We may not be pursuing the same goal as Picasso or Shakespeare, but we can learn a thing or two, even five habits that all of the best on their league use to achieve the pinnacle of art expression. Let's take a quick look.

Protecting that 'Productive Time' at all cost

That 'productive time' is not a myth. We all have it. The only difference between those who use it wisely and those who can't find it is mindfulness. You know yourself better, so you should be able to point out what time of the day you work best.

It doesn't matter how long that productive period is. The most crucial thing is how you protect it away from distractions and make sure you do your craft within that time. Artists have come to learn about their most productive time through constant practice. So instead of randomly opening your doors to notorious distractions like social media and emails, might as well set up a strong defense during your productive time.

Embracing the reality of imperfection and 'bad art.'

Ah yes, because nothing is perfect. We've heard this so many times that it's already cliché. Still, it's something worth saying. Many young professionals obsess themselves in creating the best output to the point that they miss their deadlines or end up producing a mediocre output.

There is good art. But there are more bad ones. And you learn best after seeing the bad output and getting up again to try something new. Rather than agonize over a below average result, learn from it and strive to do better next time. Our great artist forefathers did the same.

Asking a lot of questions

Curiosity spurs learning. And how else can you put curiosity to practice than by asking questions?

You learn by asking, and artists are never afraid to ask. They seek the enhancement of their craft, thus, consulting different people who can give them answers to their questions. In practice, you don't always have to talk to other people to learn.

Now that we have the internet, you can easily search for answers to questions online. By getting into the habit of learning something new every day, you become a little bit better daily. Eventually, you'll be able to use this knowledge to improve your craft.

Finding an audience for their craft

Great artists do their thing for themselves. It's a way to express oneself uniquely. However, there is also that tiny voice inside them that seeks to be heard by the public. It's why they find a specific audience for what they do. Painters look for people who are interested in the art. Writers share stories, essays, researches and more online, and the list could go on.

As you work on improving yourself, it will be nice to find your niche as well. Who are those people you want to touch with your work?

Digital marketing services in the Philippines is an art. It's art no matter where you look at it. But many people tend to separate art from marketing thinking that they are both in a different league and can't be united as one. WRONG.

Skilled digital marketers incorporate art in what they do. From the articles they post on the web to the images they share on social media, you can see traces of great marketing around.

It's never too late to work on improving your marketing skills. Invest on the above mentioned habits!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Enhance Your Instagram Presence with this 2017 Predictions!

When it comes to sharing photos, Instagram might just be the best and most-visited platforms among the social media giants. Ever since its 2010 launching, we've already seen a lot of improvements about the platform's functionality.

Modern SEO company in the Philippines are bent on making sure that they help websites rank higher in search engine rankings and to do this, they need to work hand in hand with the social media team who are in charge of spreading the content to more people. 

In 2016, users were able to enjoy the new Instagram features that made its usage more interactive and seamless. Aside from personal usage, companies who use a lot of photos to promote their services made sure that they maximize the usage of the tool to reach more people. This 2017, a new set of changes are expected to dominate on Instagram and if you have plans on fostering a strong online presence in this platform, then knowing what to expect will make a huge difference.

24-hour duration of live video storage

Experts predict that video will dominate 2017 when it comes to consumption. As more people start to consume videos, it's no longer a surprise that social media would adapt to the change and incorporate in their metrics the ability to store videos and make it easier for users to stream content at their most convenient time.

Live video feeds can't usually be stored for long and users will have to watch it live to get the message. This time, Instagram might just be taking a significant leap by allowing people to access live videos within 24 hours.

Instastories overtaking Snapchat stories

One main benefit of these two platforms is the ability to create instant stories about your life, product, and brand that your followers can easily see. But the main difference comes from the fact that Instagram makes it easier for users to connect with other. Instagram allows you to automatically connect with your Facebook or Twitter friends who are also using the platform.

With more people loving the idea of anything instant and fast, it's no wonder why Instagram aces the battle and will probably dominate this year.

Emergence of better Instagram tools for business

A few years ago, Instagram was considered as a personal social media sharing platform which primarily banks on personal photos or creative visuals. Now, it doesn't seem to be the case. As more dynamic tools are created to address marketing needs, we now see how Instagram is becoming one of the more preferred platforms by many online marketers especially startup businesses.

Judging from the trend, Instagram creators seemed to be invested in making the platform social not just for individuals but also for companies. Experts predict that this trend will eventually pave the way to creating features that are centered on helping digital marketers make their Instagram posts more efficient and focused on the needs of their market.

Introduction of Shoppable product tags

If marketing becomes more efficient, the next expected outcome is a boost in sales. It's common knowledge by avid Instagram users that you cannot shop directly from the platform without leaving it to visit the actual online store. This year, it's expected to change. With more users, approximately 42% or millennials, visiting online to shop, it's not longer a surprise for Instagram to start incorporating shopping tags to make online buying easier.

Instagram may not be the best platform for your business, but if you're eyeing for an increased awareness of your brand through visuals and video stories, then now might be the right time to start creating an account.

Reevaluate the efficiency of your social media campaigns and see how Instagram's current and expected features can play a role to boost your brand's promotion. Also, consider dropping social media accounts which are not longer performing well. Keep in mind that not all social media platforms are fit for the nature of your business and if you haven't tried Instagram yet, then might as well take the time to get to know the platform and see how it can help your brand enhance its visibility.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Top 10 Most Trendy Website Niche this 2017

Planning to get started with blogging?


There are tons of topics and blog niches waiting to be written and you might just be able to do a good break. But even if you don’t have any grand dreams of building thousands of followers or even monetizing your site, knowing the niches that are often visited by many readers will help. After all, why blog publicly if you don’t want your voice to be heard in the first place?

Here are ten niches you can explore to see if your plan blog falls in the popular and most in-demand ones.

Technology or Gadget

This is a top pick for tech-savvy online readers who are also fans of the latest mobile developments from their favorite brands. It can cover posts such as list post on the most popular apps, recent mobile model releases up to the most ground-breaking discoveries in the tech world.


With the clothing industry now in a boom, it’s no surprise to see a drastic increase in consumers who buy new fashion clothes and accessories to perfect their getup. There are ‘fashionistas’ who go an extra mile and write something about their experience and thoughts on the latest clothing line they’ve tried. From dresses, casual attire to shoes and jewels, this niche has proven to gather one of the biggest subscriptions in the blogosphere.


You must have tried reading something about health tips, diet hacks and productivity posts in the past. These topics are part of the lifestyle niche. They seek to provide helpful information for people around the world especially to adults about how to improve one’s life. You also often read real-life stories being featured in these posts.


Whether it’s about time management, pursuing success, or developing a better building routine, self-help blogs can provide you both with real story information from actual people and research-backed data. In the busy lifestyle most people in the city have, self-help information are viewed with certain degree of importance by a number of people.

Writing or Blogging

You might be surprised by the amount of people who show interest in the act of blogging. A number of self-employed individuals and even startup entrepreneurs find help on popular blogging sites to get ideas on how to get started as well as the usual do’s and don’ts.


We all have to agree that when it comes to food, everyone just seemed to have their own favorite. Blogs under this niche cover a variety of topics from the must-try local delicacies of a city up to the most exotic and delectable street foods anyone can try while on an overseas trip in a particular country.


Foods can be a sub-category for this niche, but this is in itself is a big area to explore. With the increased number of people who travel around various places, we see a significant increase in travel blogs too. From personal experience to budget breakdown, this niche might just be what you’re looking for when planning your own trip.


This one’s popular among entrepreneurs though a lot of business students also show high interest in making reliable blogs as their regular reference for studying. Topics such as B2B marketing, professional etiquette up to case studies on the recent status of a digital marketing services in the Philippines, are covered by this category.

DIY and How-to

With the increase of high-priced goods, there is now a solid fanbase for personal blogs and websites that features DIY instructional guide on how to do something or How-to tips. It covers a variety of sub-categories too like interior designing, creative journaling, recycling and more.

Reviews (movies, books, cosmetics, etc.)

Last but not the least are those reviews you often encounter when searching for a definition or comment about a show, product and even books. Many people now want to hear what other buyers think about a product before making the purchase themselves and review blogs do a great deal of providing reliable information on this.

 Make a list of general things you want to write about. Focus on a niche, refer to our list and start blogging!