Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Hashtags Help Your Marketing Strategy Noticeable

Everyone in the social media world has probably bumped into the concept of hashtags. For content marketers, it enables them to track the possible trending topics of which they can study and analyze for their own good, or to boost their marketing strategies and apply them into their own businesses. It has basically become a general rule, especially on social media marketing, to have a guaranteed SEO experience, on their end.

There have been a lot of world wide trending topics that have been surprisingly noticed. And just like that of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has been vastly spreading around across the online world, using hashtags has been one major culprit.

Hashtags are…

These are labels for contents. They are a way to track down topics on Twitter and other social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and so on. By sharing content with their messages and posts having the ‘#’ symbol, these can be quickly found by people, and perhaps makes the topic more known by accumulating the topics into one. Words such as #marketing and #OOTD are just one of the many other famous words or tags that can be seen online.

Each hashtag is clickable and redirects users to a page that displays all the messages and images that use the same hashtag. By using hashtags, it enables people to wade through the fire hose of social media posts and interact only with the content they find relevant.

Market your topics

There are various ways in using the hashtag to help you increase the growth of your marketing efforts such that your brand and your products and services are noticed.

The following are some ways hashtags can help you:

Include a specific and relevant hashtag

By this, it would mean using a relevant hashtag already designated for a certain event, or using a hashtag already being searched for frequently. With the right hashtag, readers will find your message even when they’re not following you. To test, you can search those hashtags from your social media platforms used or you can use an analytics tool.

Create Your Own Hashtag and Consistently Use It

This would mean creating a very unique hashtag. Anyone can start a hashtag hoping that it goes viral, however for the most part, creating your own hashtag for your business name or brand or product, would mean requiring you to consistently effort in order to get picked up by other users. This would also mean that these hashtags could track all the relevant images, posts and statuses pertaining to your product or brand from your consumers end.

Use Your Hashtag on as Many Social Media Networks as Possible

To make everything count, as much as possible, try using your hashtags from different social media platforms. This would not only mean expanding your horizon for such social media strategies, it would also mean that you are targeting different types of audience that may benefit from your products. Thus the need to display those hashtags in a lot of social media networks is very much effective. Not only that, it will also give exposure to your hashtag even more and will eventually help people remember your hashtag whenever they want to tag you.

However, there are also rules on how not to overdo the usage of hashtags. In fact, sometimes, it gets pretty much annoying seeing posts of everything under the hash (#) symbol. It is no more appropriate to make every word ‘hashtagged’—so to speak.

Always remember that hashtags belongs to the community, even if you created it yourself. You can’t censor or control how others use it so it is also important to be careful and be sensitive.

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