Thursday, March 17, 2016

Four Uncommon Types of Content That Attract Backlinks

Drafting a riveting and equally shareable piece of content is hard, yet for most digital marketing agencies that specialize in link building services, this is essential.  The modern search engine optimization (SEO for brevity world) is unyielding and unforgiving when it comes to backlinks for your content. If you would want these backlinks, then you would need to consistently engender great and extraordinary content.

These links are essential as they would drastically improve your ranking in search engines and would send you scores and multitudes of referral traffic—something every content marketer aspires for.  But in order to attract backlinks, you would need to fashion contents in such a way that they are not only substantially great and informative, but you need to know how to promote them as well. So, if you want to be equally successful in your promotional efforts just as you are in your writing, then make something that is worth promoting.

This would largely mean content that is truly uncommon, unique, valuable and distinctive. And if your content would be the pioneer among topics similar to it, then it would give you bonus and kudos points.  With a multitude of topics already being currently covered and discussed online, it could be rather hard to find a particular topic that would be inimitable at best and subtly unique at worst, yet this is your goal. If you truly want to succeed in the area of blogging, you should venture out from the typical and create other forms of content that would truly stand out.
To help you get started, this article provides you with four uncommon types of content that are particularly effective. However, consider yourself forewarned as these types of content are rather difficult to make than your standard blog posts.

1.)    LISTS 

Say what you may about lists, but people actually love them. They are easy to read and would offer you quick solutions to a current dilemma or predicament. This type of content remains to be popular as they make a specific promise wherein a reader would know how much time and attention they would have to spend reading your article. Not only this, but they are relatively easy to read as they are scannable, offering your readers quick and easy solutions immediately. Lastly, they invoke a sense of curiosity in your audience as these articles are almost always crafted under the guise of “Guess the X ways to do something” queries.


If you are creating a guide, go against the mold by giving an in-depth solution to what it is you are discussing about. Elaborate on certain steps and give extensive descriptions of what your topic is about. From your point of view, you may think that the plethoric information you added to your article would cause it to sound monotonous, but to readers who would really want to know about your topic, this is a unique treasure among many guides that they have already skimmed through. Do not gloss over a topic, discuss it substantially and your readers will thank you.


This may come as a surprise to you, but infographics are currently the most viral type of content you can produce. They are such a novelty as people are fascinated by it and you can exploit this and have your blogs gain traction. To achieve a shareable blog content that would attract a lot of backlinks utilizing infographics, it is key to pick the right topic wherein you are equipped with substantial data. This works best if you broke down a topic step by step or offer statistics to your audience. Promote it to the right kind of audience and the rest will fall into place.


Your community is teeming with bloggers, readers and influencers that all have one thing in common: they are interested in your niche. If you truly want to get attention and links, then write about something that these people care about. For starters, you can find a rather complex and multifaceted dilemma that is begging for a solution. For an instance, if you have found an aspect in your niche wherein statistics are particularly lacking, take the initiative of creating that and you would see just how many of these readers will link back to you. Present this data in a creative way and you will keep your readers interested.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Social Customer Service Matters & Ways to Do It Right

Think about running a business without the use of social media – it would take a long time for potential clients to notice your brand. That means social media brings a great impact when used in business. Due to its convenience and wide range, even companies such as online marketing agencies used social media to their advantage. In fact, the rapid growth of social media users is undeniably increasing.

Social customer service is not just about a concept of a marketer and client relationship. This also gives an opportunity to understand your clients' way of purchasing, and how it affects the sales of your business. When this strategy is done in the right way, there would be a stronger relationship between you as the marketer and your clients which lead to success.

Now, customer service has become one of the top strategies most marketers consider. And to give you some idea, below are the things why social services matter in the marketing industry.

Response speed

Timeliness is important in business.  You cannot have a guaranteed success when you don't know how to manage your time in accomplishing your tasks. How much more when you are dealing with clients on social media, you should have the control on the needs of your clients. For instance, you were not able to address immediately the negative comments your clients gave, the longer it stayed on social media the more chances for the situation to get viral which will cause to jeopardize your business.

That is why being quick when addressing such matter in social media is a must for a marketer to do. If you sense that clients are unhappy with the products or services you gave, then you better have an alternative way in addressing such disappointments.

The element of surprise

In social media, not all the times people receive a message from the company. In fact, they just tend to use social media as a public forum to vent out their issues on the products or services. However, you can turn this situation to your advantage. Since complaints and unhappy customers are inevitable, you can address the issue by reaching to them in a friendly way. Isn't it nice and surprising when a company takes a time to response your concerns?  Instead of making the issue worst, you let your clients understand the situation which leads to a positive outcome.

Responding to their complaints is not just about protecting the reputation of your business. It is also about valuing the client's needs and concerns. And of course, this will also protect your clients from having a bad experience when it comes to a marketing transaction.

The power of empathy

Yes, the relationship between a marketer and a client should be strictly followed. But sometimes, you need to break that barrier to reach out more to them. In this way, you will understand their concerns while you actively find a way to solve their problems. No, companies or marketers who give empathy to their clients are not weak. That just means that they value and cares about their clients and their happiness. You bet, the feeling would be great when there is someone who extends their effort just to help achieve what you want in life.

Although marketers use social media to address such concerns, that doesn't hinder the chance to resolve the problem.

Taking control of a messy situation

Marketers know so well that social media is a jungle. What you do in socially can make or break your business's reputation. That means, assessing the things you want to do online is a must to avoid unwanted situations.  For instance, you cannot avoid complaints from your clients. However, you can stop the negative comments in going viral when you address the issue properly. Again, timeliness is one of the keys to achieving a desirable outcome. But being timely is nothing if you also don't know how to address such issues to your clients.

Basically, in order for you to have a control, you need to be keen on the situation. Read, pause, think and have the right response to your clients. With this, you will have the opportunity to explain the things they need to know and understand.

Turning critics into champions

 Being smart in everything you do is a must! As a marketer, you have to expect that there will be complaints from your clients. Perhaps, clients saw the flaws in your business which is why they are disappointed. However, instead of being discouraged, take this as a chance to do more in business.

When you correct the flaws, clients would appreciate the improvements the next time they do business with you. Of course, this is also one way to grab the interest of your clients and not driving them away from your business. The more improvements you'll do for your business, the more clients would want to do business with you.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cheat Sheet: Six Catchy Headlines That Would Guarantee You Clicks

More often than not, headlines are the first thing that would pique the interest of your readers much more so than the article itself. This is what would greet them much more than your designated article photo and in an allegorical sense, this serves as an open invitation to read your entire article. And if you are a company specializing in link building services, this is all the more important. However, this begs the question: How would you craft a headline cogent enough to sway readers to click through and finish your entire article?

We have all read articles detailing how we would get click-throughs to our articles by crafting a catchy and attention-grabbing headline. We have seen them gives us comprehensive guidelines that would more or less throw in a bit of psychology and a dash of something that would potentially interest your would-be readers into the mix. In essence, these headlines should entice those who would come upon it to read the entire article—it should contain sufficient persuasive value if you may. However, most of these articles would not give us the concrete examples that we would want to draft into our next article.  This is why this article has collated a list of catchy headlines you may want to employ on your next article.


In a sense, it bears no elaboration how this would attract readers. Human beings are curious creatures by nature and the allure of disclosing an insider’s secret and knowledge is something that would very much entice them. In fact, this has been quite exploited by successful bloggers out there because hey, it works! Share some insider information and translate it in such a way that it would put your article at an advantage and benefit your readers.


The headline itself already conveys that what it contains is something your potential reader might want or need. It is a classic social proof strategy that would insinuate an existing collective desire among your readers and your article would offer them specifically and exactly that in the contents of your article.  Though a tad bit overused, it is still very much effective.


In essence, an article taking a methodical approach towards solving a consensus dilemma, and predicament or as a development scheme towards achieving the desired result is something that would attract readers as it would connote a step by step process to which they can find solutions to their problems.  Identify your target audience and determine what benefits you can provide them and the rest will follow through.


Fairly uncommon but incredibly effective, titling your articles with this headline would imply an uncommon way to address a dilemma or a less known way to solve an existing problem. In a way, this is similar to how using “the secret to” headline would work but this headline is far more intriguing and engaging.


People want everything fast and easy. This is why an article that promises them just that would garner a lot of attention and shares even. Offering your readers a quick and easy way to solve a problem would guarantee that your article would not only get a lot of click-throughs but readership and shares as well.


This headline works as it leaves the implication that the reader is missing out should he or she fail to click through the article and read it in its entirety. People’s propensity for curiosity would be the main cause for drawing them into the article, your topic would be the overall allure while the content of what you are offering is what would make them stay and read the whole article.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

For Marketers: Things You Need To Remember When You Fail In Marketing

Yes, we have read so many articles on how to be successful in the marketing industry, and effective strategies that can boost the reputation of you and your business. But have you ever thought that not all the times you are going to be on top? Always remember that not all the times things are going to be on your way. Even marketers who are working in a well-known digital marketing agency also fail.

We all do fail at some point. But sad to say, not all marketers continue to dream big for their career. Failure makes them want to quit. And we all do know that quitters would definitely not going to be successful. However, if one can be inspired by this article, then it would definitely give them some motivation to continue and strive more.

And if you are one of those marketers who face struggles in the marketing industry, remember, you are not alone. There are so many marketers who also feel the same way you feel. So, if you have to be one, below are some things a marketer should remember when you fail in marketing.

You're not helpless

It is a fact that we fail – sometimes. Yes, we may fail to foresee the things that came on your way, that is because there might be loopholes in your strategy which makes it fail. But it doesn't mean that we are helpless in any way. Feeling helpless would result to being inferior to the people around you. You feel like you are not capable of doing something that can make the situation easier or better. You feel like other people are better than you and you are not.

If you happen to feel these ways, then you better stop it. Feeling such will only give you more and more discouragements in your career. And mind you, you will not grow when you tend to feel and think that way. So, you better stop. Think positive.

You're not the only person who feels this way

Again, for thousands to millions of marketers around the globe, you are one of the marketers who experience failure. Of course, successful and influential people also fail. But the good thing is that they don't dwell on the failure. They stand, pause, think, strategize and plan for the better. When you fail, there must be another way going to success. It may be hard on your part sometimes, but it is worth the effort.

Think of a person who inspires you to be a marketer. They fail too. But think of the things that particular person will do if he/she is on your shoes. With that, you will have an idea of the things that might help you solve the bad situation you are in.

No one's career is a straight ride to the top

Always remember that there are no shortcuts to success. If you want to be successful, you need to take it step by step. There might be times that you experience dark moments in your career, but I'm sure it is only going to be a temporary thing to experience – that if you are also determined enough to stand and continue to strive hard for success. But if you lack the right attitude towards the problems you faced, then success may not be for you.

Achieving a successful career may be a challenge. But mind you, it is going to be worth your time, money, effort, sacrifices and other things you invest just to be on top. And I'm sure, success is going to be a wonderful thing to have.

You're not too old

Sure you are already in your late 30s or 40s, but it is not yet too old for you think about the best strategies you can ever implement on your career. In the marketing industry, age doesn't matter. For as long as you are still capable of thinking, work and/or delivering your task properly, then you are not too old for being a marketer. Whether you realize it or not, there are successful marketers who are already old in their age but not too old to work.

Although being a marketer is not for all, but it doesn't mean you are not qualified to become one. Again, for as long as you have the right attitude towards the things around you, then you can be a good and successful marketer.

You don't know what other marketer's lives are really like

Success is a challenging thing to achieve. And every successful marketer strives hard just to achieve that success. However, you just don't realize it yet that there are marketers who went a lot of pain, struggles and other things that can make them quit in the marketing industry, but didn't. You don't know, your problems that you face now are nothing compared to the worst situation most marketers experience.

Although there are also times that you feel that you cannot do it anymore, perhaps, you just need to take some time to break. Take a good and relaxing vacation and don't think about your career just yet. Let your mind rest and wander first. With that, you will eventually realize that taking some time to pause can also be helpful to think better and a calmer tone. Moreover, as a marketer, every problems or trial can be solved if you just know how.

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

3 Psychological Principles for Better Social Media Engagement

"Social Media is about Sociology and Psychology More Than Technology"

No quote rings truer when it comes to engagement in social media and if you are a wise digital marketer, you would exploit this knowledge to its full advantage and capacity. Though not obvious at first glance, marketing is heavily laced with psychology. You may think that the art and science behind enticing customers to buy what you are currently selling or to lure potential customers in with creative advertising would be heavily involved with business precepts and ideals. Though you are not wrong in this aspect, your vision of what marketing entails remains glaringly limited. The truth is marketing is heavily laden psychology and the logistics in luring your customers in is peppered with a deep understanding of your consumer's behavior.

In the same vein, if you are currently employed or are running a digital marketing agency yourself, you would have to ask if the social media aspect of your marketing campaign is getting enough traction on its engagement with your target audience.  You would need to determine whether your posts on social media are getting the engagement you have envisioned it to get? And if they are not, is there anything you can do to connect with your audience in a better way?

It should be noted that social media engagement is determined largely by how well your posts are getting received by your target audience, and how well those particular posts can trigger a response or an action from them. This is where we introduce the psychological aspect of things into the mix and discover how would benefit you and your social media engagement. In this article, we would endeavor to discuss three guiding psychological principles that would assist you in having better social media engagement.  


It is human nature to be desirous of something and your target audience is just as equally susceptible to these desires just as you are. To illustrate how you can achieve this in your social media posts, make your target audience believe that for a particular problem or dilemma they are experiencing, they can easily find a solution to implement in order t remedy such dilemma.  Do not give them your solutions right away as it will render your posts ineffective, instead walk them through your answers creatively and show them how they can overcome the same. This gives your brand an advantage above others as you act as the mediator between your target audience and their problems--what sets you apart from the rest is your ability to give them the easiest and most creative solution which will effectively boost your engagement as well as conversions.


People love explanations and when they are shown how a particular thing works or why it is the way it is.  To illustrate, social media posts containing the word "why" as a trigger would gain so much engagement from readers and would stimulate them to search for a particular answer t a question. In the same manner,  when you are drafting your social media posts, explain to your target audience why they need something in particular and how they would be able to get the same by reading more of your content or by using your product.


Humans all inherently dislike being left out and feeling irrelevant. This is especially true where important events and happenings are concerned. We would want to stay on top of things and be properly apprised of the developments that are currently occurring. In a sense, we want to be included and saying no to an opportunity causes as to be apprehensive that we may have missed what could have been a great opportunity for us. In a like manner, this should be implemented into your social strategy as well because involving your audience in whatever you are doing and whatever developments you are making would give it a personal feel. Give them a hint of what they may miss if they do not subscribe to your list or by not trying a cterian product and see for yourself how your engagement will be so much better.