Sunday, November 27, 2016

Simple Productivity Boosters While Staying in the Office

How many times have you experienced wasting several minutes at the office, dazed and unable to proceed because ideas seemed to have gone somewhere else?

This happens a lot especially to employees who work in a competitive, creative industry such as the mobile app development company in the Philippines. The need to constantly be at your best when creating apps is vital to the success of any project. Sadly, different factors both personal and professional can affect your productivity level inside the office.

When this happens, trying out quick remedies and productivity boosters is a good way to go. Here’s a short list.

Mellow music

Listening to music has long been proven to have some significant effect on a person’s mental processes. Soft music such as those instrumentals and classics are known to create a calming effect perfect for meditation and sleeping. Rock and metallic sounds, on the other hand, contribute to an increased feeling of hype and activity.

If you’re looking for something that can help boost your productivity while at work, then a mellow selection is a good pick. Aside from being relaxing, they also assist you in focus and shut off any external noise that may be affecting your attention to any task at hand.

Candies or sweets

Some people might find this idea not so appealing considering the possible health effects of eating too many sweets. However, eating one or two sweets a day wouldn’t hurt much and will, in fact, help provide glucose for your brain.

Same goes with chocolates. While this choice of food has the potential of increasing your sugar and fats, moderation is safe and will help you get that short productive boosts to finish your daily work.

Novels or any light reading materials

Sometimes, all it takes is a nice read to fuel your brain’s creative juices. Staying on a particular task for a long time can eventually bore you. Reading light materials like lifestyle or fashion magazine, and short stories is a proven-effective method of giving your brain the breather it needs to recuperate from the previous tedious job and focus back on the unfinished tasks



Coffee might be your preferred go-to beverage to provide those creative bursts and high energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, caffeine also has its backlash starting with palpitation which could be bad especially if you’re trying to achieve calm to focus.

Drinking pure green tea has been proven to be an efficient way to reduce that ‘hyper effect’ caffeine has and still give you a natural boost. Some tea such as the Twinings Chamomile is created to specifically calm you down. The calmer you become, the easier it is to focus.

Board or indoor games

Have you ever experienced doing something that requires substantial analysis to the point that you need to stop facing the computer and just ponder on what something means?
Thinking, analyzing and all forms of mental activities have a tremendous potential of draining the energy and productivity out of you. This is why industries whose work involved a lot of thinking on a daily basis provide in-between breaks for their employees.

If you find yourself stuck in work with no hopes of reverting to your productive state anytime soon, might as well play indoor games. Darts, scrabble, chess and any game that doesn’t require you to go out can be the best pick to distress while at the same time allowing your brain to deviate from the exhaustive task and gain back its optimal function.

Idea board

Lastly, try setting up an idea board and randomly post, read and check ideas that come to your mind. Writing them down on post-its and placing them on the board is an effective way to empty your brain with ideas, so you’ll have more focus on the tasks on your priority list. Posting something on your idea board is also a good way to stay away from the computer and relax your eyes.

Feeling unproductive happens. However, there are methods to help you get back on track and finish your current tasks! Try out the things on the list and see what happens!

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