Thursday, September 22, 2016

Notorious Work Elements that are Killing our Creative Juices

Creativity is fleeting. It's what most artists believe. This is exactly why modern employees need a constant inspiration boost or ritual to get things started. They have deadlines to catch and ad hoc tasks to consider. Relying on the inconsistent, sporadic burst of creativity isn't practical in the typical nine-to-five work setup.

The issue of staying creative for long hours is even made more difficult by the following notorious elements that are dragging us down. Have a quick look. 

Dull working environment

You can never underestimate how your working environment affects your overall performance. Research has proven that the place where a person works is a factor that contributes to his or her productivity level. This is exactly why several businesses invest on creating a conducive environment fit for their workers.

The demand for a highly convenient location is even more amplified in the case of creative industries like android app development. A boring working station with minimal chances of improvising or customization can significantly affect a developer’s creativity which is essentially in dire need of constant inspirational boost.

Hard-to-deal-with colleagues

There are toxic employees. Whether we like it or not, they sometimes exist. They are those who can’t seem to find happiness in what they do but chose to stay anyway. Sometimes you question why they even continue if they look like they’re ready to snap at any moment’s notice.

In as much as how productive workers ignore them, there are times when they just get in the nerves and eventually affect the performance of those who are serious in getting something done.

Too much overtime

Working overtime is inescapable. There are times when we really have to render extra hours work to finish something. However, it’s an all new different matter when you are already asked to work consecutive overtime beyond what you are capable of.

Keep in mind that our brain has its own limit. Once it gets exhausted, you can’t expect creativity to keep on rushing in and give you all of those brilliant ideas you need to get the task done.

Low salary

Sometimes, employees say yes to overtime because of an additional pay, which is ultimately a good thing as it would mean bigger income and more money to pay for regular expenses. But don’t be surprised if you hear workers who complain about not getting the due salary they deserve for the quality of work they deliver.

These times, people need money. In fact, it is one of the basic motivations for workers to accept an offer or not. Once they see that their efforts are not well compensated, they will most likely not exert effort and commitment in doing their tasks too.

Lack of professional growth opportunity

Whether one admits it or not, there is a certain part of a person’s personality that craves for growth. It naturally comes in the more we age. Professionally, this can be provided by those companies we choose to work for.
Unfortunately, not all employers invest on giving something back to their workers by allowing them to grow in their career paths.

The moment workers start to feel stagnant, unless the pay is really too good to give up, is the same time when they would start looking for viable options that could give them better avenues to improve their skills and learn something new.

Of course, being stagnant meant lesser creativity as well.

Indefinite company goals

A company’s mission and vision are more than just written tenets for the sake of having it. They are supposed to be an overview of what the company hopes to achieve.

If these things are absent and employees start to question the point of what they are doing, their perception also changes. If they can’t see the bright side of their efforts, they would feel less motivated to giving out their best.
This, in result, is a huge negative blow to a person’s overall creativity.

Lack of mentoring

This is somewhat related to the need for professional growth. Part of growing is having a mentor who can assist and support you all throughout your career journey in the company. The lack of which could sometimes make one question if he or she is doing the right thing or not.

Usually, this confusion leads to a dramatic decrease in the creativity of a person.

Examine your working environment right now. How is it? Have you experienced some creativity killers we have on this list? 

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