Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DO’s and DON’TS of Using Emojis in Marketing Campaigns

Technology is evolving every single day.

That much is a fact as evidenced by how far advanced the Internet is nowadays compared to how it was ten years ago. Along with that evolution, was the rise of the social media trifecta: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These three juggernauts have managed to wheedle themselves into an average person’s daily lives.

And smart online marketing agencies are exploiting it. However, since the advent of this online rage, a few things have been making their rounds online as well. Consequently people both young and old are very receptive in utilizing it.

Take the Emoji for an example. What was once largely overlooked by users is now causing quite a stir and is making a lot of rounds online. And as of recently, it seems like even online marketers are capitalizing on its popularity. However, as tempting as lacing your marketing campaigns with Emojis is, this rather intrepid task is more of a hit or miss when being utilized in marketing campaigns.

But fear not, this article will walk you through the most basic DO’s and DON’TS in applying such in your campaigns.


Just because Emojis are trendy, it does not necessarily follow that every single one of your readers and followers can read them or speak it fluently.

Take a few seconds to give your post some brief contemplation, if it looks like it was composed by a teenager then odds are, you are doing it wrong. Apart from looking unprofessional, people would likely ignore your post because decoding your message is an absolute waste of time.

Stick to equal parts of message and Emojis. Use your words.


There is always a time and place for the usage of Emojis.

Conveying a serious message is not. Emojis are meant to be accompanied with lighthearted, humorous and fun posts. And if you want to have an effective marketing campaign, then you should stick to this tactic. The utilization of Emojis in conveying a serious message or post can earn you the ire of your audience.

It would not only seem shallow on your part, but incredibly insensitive and callous as well. Additionally, your sound advice would fall to deaf ears. Don’t make the mistake of favoring Millennial targeting over making your post sensible and judicious.


Emojis are popular because they are trendy and your readers and followers are rather receptive to it because it is familiar to them. And more often than not, these users employ Emojis in their daily communications which is why as a smart online marketer, you  should acquaint yourself better in the usage of such.

You do not have to create a customized set of Emojis just so you can relate to your audience better, use what is given to you instead.Develop a habit of using Emojis in communicating to your audience and never forget to include them in your campaign in order to make your marketing strategy more inclusive and interactive.

Have fun with the Emojis, think of ways you can turn those little icons into games and see your post gain traction.


A smart and practical way to utilize Emojis is to commemorate momentous occasions and events. Though some pre-composed Emoji laced messages might be more of a hit or miss thing, never underestimate the power of a well-timed Tweet that can benefit from an Emoji or a lot of Emojis.

The frequent utilization of Emojis by various brands manifest their human side to their customers, as should you as an online marketer. Should the occasion call for it, get creative with Emoji art (include them in your Tweets in the same way, you would in a text message). Of course, as earlier stated, be careful in utilizing Emojis when topics are sensitive and serious.

Let’s face it, Emojis are here to stay. And if you want a successful marketing campaign, it would not hurt to include something trendy such as these Emojis.

After all, isn’t it much better to accompany your message with a round smiley faced fellow rather than a text that simply states *smiles*?

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