Thursday, September 10, 2015

5 Pointers for Attending SEO Seminars Alone
Attending ALONE in an SEO training Philippines can really be a nerve-racking, especially when you are not exposed to that kind of environment. Agree? While other seems to enjoy attending the seminar, other people find it boring and annoying. When anxiety sets your mind in, you suddenly think other things. The thought of not going to attend the seminar instead strikes you anytime, and/or wish that the seminar will be done as soon as possible. It is definitely awkward to be alone. Well, sitting, listening, and enduring the talk until the end won’t hurt you after all.

Technically speaking, it is certainly¬ NOT a pain when you attend a seminar. In fact, you can get more and more knowledge about how SEO works. Moreover, you definitely can attend a seminar while enjoy the talk, especially when you are just focused on getting the knowledge that you want to have. Sad to say, not all people feel that way.

When your boss tells you to attend a seminar alone to represent your company, then you don’t have a choice but to follow.  Well, fret not! Below are some pointers for you to be able to feel at ease and expose to that kind of situation.

1. Always come prepared

Laptop and its charger, paper and pen, markers, extension cords, etc., when you come prepared and is all set, then you don’t have to worry about anything else. When you need something, you  don’t have to borrow from the person sitting next to you, which makes it more awkward. Your seatmate might think of you as irresponsible for not bring the important things needed for the seminar. Moreover, when you have something to write about, it gives you the opportunity to take down strong points from the speaker easily and immediately.

2. Avoid distractions

Being distracted is definitely the enemy of being attentive. One of the reasons why you feel bored and annoyed is because you don’t listen to what the speaker is talking about. Perhaps, you are holding your phone while texting with your friends, or opening social media and doing your own thing. Well, that unless if it is related to the seminar that you are attending to. Tweeting about the talk, researching the terms the speaker used is an exception. However, you should not spend too much of your time on the things that you are doing since it will definitely distract your focus from the seminar.

3.  Seek potential acquaintances

Just because you are alone in attending the seminar, it doesn’t mean that you are not going to mingle with the other people. Making friends with the person sitting next to you, and/or with other potential people will definitely be to your advantage. The person whom you mingle with is most likely to share his/her own knowledge about the SEO. There is a caveat though, you have to be keen and/or observant to the people around. There are people who attend the seminar just for the sake of attending without any determination to learn new things. Well, you don’t have to literally avoid, but you can still stick to the plan on making friends with the knowledgeable ones.

4. Participate

One of the many things you can do to avoid boredom is to participate. When it comes to seminars, there will definitely some group activities or workshops and/or question and answer portion to know whether you have learned something or not. You have to mingle with other people in the room for you to lessen the awkwardness that you have felt. Mind you, it works! Moreover, the more you participate, the more knowledge that you can get. Knowledge that you can have only by doing some hands on activities.  There will also be a caveat though, just because you are participating, it doesn’t mean that you are already good at it. You also have to be mindful of the things that surround you and learn something from it.

5. Dress appropriately

Last but definitely not the least, if you want to be confident in going to seminars alone, then you should start by dressing yourself appropriately. Your outfit will speak about who and what you are. When you dress in a formal and/or semi-formal at the event, then people will see you as a respectable person.They will think of you as a knowledgeable person, even if you know that you don’t have any idea about it at all. Well, you have to show your worth through expressing it with the way you look and dress.

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