Monday, September 21, 2015

Be seen on Google: Craft Better Tutorials!

Anyone with a smart mobile phone or desktop/laptop and Internet access is bound to have an instructional how-to guide. Recipes, do it yourself projects, computer programming—you name it and there is a guarantee that you are bound to find something useful online. Just type away at the search box, hit enter and voila! Instant results!

In relation to this, should you be a wise digital marketing agency, you would be exploiting this marketing potential. After all, every single online marketing agency in business is competing for the much coveted top spot of Google's search results. So what better way than to make use of what people are constantly searching for online?

However, as straightforward as that may seem, it is not as easy to execute. Yes, writing a how-to guide can be easily done in a matter of hours or minutes in fact but lump that with a hundred or more so similar guides and your page will be buried in the search results. Before long, your how-to guide will not gain as much traction as it should and eventually, it will become irrelevant caused by stagnancy. For this reason, you need to make your how-to guides interesting and catchy, make it stand out.

To achieve this, you can:

Just like in school, showing and telling works to your advantage

No matter how comprehensive and expansive your tutorial is, nothing really beats explaining it in video format. And it makes sense because people would rather see how to do it than be taught how to do it simply by a large block of text. As can be gleaned in illustrious video sharing website, YouTube, video tutorials make up a huge block of its existing videos. From this, it can be inferred that users prefer this instructional medium above others. Consequently, utilizing this technique and having a great presence on Google's own video-sharing website will greatly reward you.

Use photos. Show and don't just simply tell.

If resources are hard to come by then use interesting photos that relate to your content. Sure, it may not be as effective in showing your viewers what to do, but a photo illustrating each step in the process is just as fine. Consequently, as this is written text and information, it would be best to use traditional SEO techniques that are appropriate for this format. 

Choose an appropriate target keyword, use the same keyword in headers and tags and include the same keyword in potential phrases people may likely search up. Including many photos as you possibly can in your how-to content creates a better understanding for the reader where words are not enough. Additionally, it would increase website visibility in image searches by including alternative tags and titles that include your keyword.

Utilize all available social media platforms

This is a basic technique in SEO: Be seen, be relevant, gain traffic and traction.
Accordingly, as this is the case, you should not limit your marketing campaign in a single social media platform. Widen your reach and diversify your content your social media content and gain more followers, viewers, and users this way. The more platforms you utilize, the chances of it getting shared by viewers are higher. Consequently, viewership rates will increase which would signal Google that your content has value.

Visit Quora or Reddit to find ideas for your next tutorial or how-to list

If you truly want your tutorial to make waves online or at least be relevant or if you are just at a loss as to what to write next, visit Quora or Reddit for a hub of tutorial and how-to ideas. These sites will serve as your window of information as to what the online population is currently clamoring for or what particular tutorials are on demand. After crafting your own tutorial, you can then go back to the site and post your tutorial for the users to see. Consequently, you wouldn't just be catering to their demands but promoting your page as well.

These four tricks are jumpstart tips to get you started with your tutorials or how-to lists and videos. Utilize them well and perhaps, maybe you can even discover some tips for yourself.  

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