Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SEO 101: Methods for Client Acquisition and Retention

Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of aspects should you want better client acquisition and retention. Should you be an SEO consultant, being in the business alone would test the boundaries of your patience. Apart from that, you need to be crafty and creative in very diverse aspects. But apart from thinking out of the box when it comes to link building services, you should also be great in acquiring clients and retaining them as well.

After all, what good is a service if people do not even buy it or at least recognize it?

Perhaps the easiest (yet overlooked) and the most basic way in acquiring and retaining your clients is to consistently provide great service. Alone, this would suffice and would directly influence your client acquisition process but compounded with effective delivery, then you have in your hands a top notch SEO service. 

However, this is easier said than done and no matter how easy SEO may come off to some people, it is a reality that some of the processes may be a bit difficult to comprehend. That is what this post is for, to further expound on the processes you can utilize in order to strengthen and lengthen the partnership you have with your clients.

Keyword research and discovery compounded with content strategy is key

Selecting keywords that will assist your clients in having their sites discovered by potential customers is a rather conventional and commonplace wisdom when it comes to search engine optimization practices. However, what most people in the business overlook is the fact that in order for this to be effective, you need to align your data with the content of your site. This will give your audience better pages that would target to organic search visitors.

Do not disregard advanced search technologies

In order for your client to maximize his reach on potential visitors, clients and customers, you should not discount the impact of advanced search technologies. It is best to integrate this into your SEO practices as early as today as search is gradually transitioning into these newly advanced techniques. Should you disregard these new practices, you run the risk of offering obsolete and outdated procedures to your clients.

Utilize holiday campaigns to be relevant as well to herd potential customers

Do you want your clients' websites to stay relevant all year long? Planning holiday campaigns might help you there. This practice will help your clients' customers and visitors feel more connected to them as launching holiday campaigns makes them feel like you are reaching out to them at a personal level. Apart from that, holiday campaigns usually have an uplifting and joyous aura about them. Do not just limit yourself to holidays worldwide, research for various holidays celebrated around the world, choose an appropriate one and integrate them in your holiday campaign.

Do content networking

To get more visibility for your clients' websites then it would be best if you start investing on building quality niche sites. As this specifically targets industries and markets where your clients are in, this would assist them in getting more leads in their businesses and would also prove to be an advantage to your service in various ways seeing as these niche sites will make a few aspects in your process a lot easier (piercing the blogosphere where your client's business is, creating hard to replicate links, earning extra income through ads, etc.)

Foster a good relationship with your clients

This may sound basic, but it may surprise you how so many of SEO industries tend to neglect this. Fostering a good relationship with your clients builds their confidence in you and would likely result into retaining your clients for the long haul. When you invest in your relationships with your clients, they would feel like they got more than their money's worth, trust you and are likely to give you an outstanding word of mouth recommendation.

Search engine optimization alone can be tricky. When compounded with the need to acquire clients and retain them as well, it just got a lot more difficult. However, it does not have to stay that way all the time. Utilize these various techniques and let it work to your advantage.

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