Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to Excel at Asking for Advice from SEO Experts
Doing SEO on your own is a challenging thing to do. Agree? That is why, some of you here seek help from an SEO consulting services or an expert to have better and desirable SEO results.  Well, seeking out the opinions and advice from an SEO expert is not a bad thing at all. In fact, you will definitely avoid unwanted and costly mistakes made of naivety. Yes, you already decided on asking some help. But do you know how to get that conversation started?

One way or another, social media has made it easier for us to connect and be connected with the experts. When you involve yourself socially, you can get new SEO ideas. However, most SEO experts are interested and willing to give advices when you know how to ask – not just simply asking. Yes, it is a matter of the approach and/or how you ask rather than simply asking them for help. Well, if you can pull it off, they are much more willing and interested to offer a hand.

If you think that some of them might be ignoring you, then perhaps you are asking the wrong way. Yes, experts help people who are in need when it comes to SEO. However, they are also a busy person, and catering people who don’t even know what they want to ask is just wasting their time. If you are one of those people who have a hard time on how to properly ask SEO experts for any advices, then below are some of the tips you might want to try to apply in order to get their attention.

Before you ask an expert a question, try to answer it yourself

It is a fact that not all questions that we ask is hard enough for us to answer. Right? Sometimes, we just ask something without thinking that we can answer that particular question ourselves.  Well, if you really don’t know, Google is there to help you know. However, when Google doesn’t even know the answer, then this might be the perfect time to seek help from the SEO experts. Be resourceful enough to find some answers, SEO experts might think that you don’t extend enough effort to find the right answer for your question.

Briefly explain who you are

Aside from the concerns you have, one of the things SEO experts want to know is who you are. They want to know who they are talking to, and to make sure that they are not talking to a robot. Generally, if they know who you are, they might give some advices that best fit with the position or the situation that you are in. Also, giving experts a brief background about you is one of the appropriate and professional ways to approach an SEO expert.

Ask questions that are clearly defined, but not necessarily specific to your exact circumstance

We all know that the clearer the questions are, the clearer the answers we can get from an SEO expert. However, just because it has to be clear, it doesn’t mean you can be too specific in giving the exact situation that you are in. It is mostly not the case! Sometimes, experts don’t care about the exact situation that you are experiencing. They find it annoying when you go too personal about it. If you have a specific concern, then try focusing on asking on a more general question. Yes, experts may not know the exact scenario on the circumstance that you been experiencing; however, they can give you advices that are more likely close to the situation that you are in.

 Proofread what you write

One of the most embarrassing for you to experience is when you have a lot of grammar and spelling errors in your question. And since you don’t proofread what you write, there are times that the words and/or sentences are scrambled, that even you don’t understand what you want to ask. Embarrassing, isn’t it? Well, in order for you to avoid it, proofread and edit what you write.

Double and triple-check how to spell his/her name

Know who you are addressing your concerns to. His/her name is important for you to know and how to spell it. Although, this might just be a simple thing for you, however, for them, it might be a sensitive thing to have since you already murdering their name. Moreover, having their name misspelled means that you are not paying attention to your message – and it is definitely a no-no!

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