Monday, September 29, 2014

Social Media: Marketing Your Restaurant Business Effectively

There are many social media marketing strategies that are rampantly made nowadays; some are very much practically created; yet others are just produced for the sake of having one and not being properly thought of. Creating a website is a good start but backing it up with social media is just the trick. Any digital marketing agency in the Philippines, among others, would know how this goes and making it as a top priority on the line is just as important as opening your restaurant on time.

Social media is a very used platform in this generation. And there are various social media campaigns that are swarming the online community. Your restaurant may also be swarmed especially when you know how to maximize your marketing collateral deals, not only traditional means, but by the use the Internet.

Why Market?

Well, first off, you are a business. And for you to get noticed and your products to be availed by consumers, let them know that you exist. In today’s way of doing marketing strategies, a lot are already expanding because of the wide opportunities that are allowing them to perform such. There is quite an advantage about making marketing strategies for the kind of business you are in because, let’s face it: food is enticing. And how much more if you promote it correctly?

Great Food = Excellent Marketing

This happens when the product, in this case—food, makes the marketing process easier. If you know that you produce good dining experience to your customers, much to say, it would be an easy case to sell out. Yet, since the new age is giving you more opportunities to make do and sell out more, thus optimizing the social media experience for the benefit of your business will not only give you the advantage but also enough gain and popularity.

To reiterate, there are a lot of ways in pursuing a marketing strategy with different platforms available, but let us focus on social media marketing:

Create Interesting Content

Chances are, you might already have a Facebook page having a decent number of followers. Connecting to your community would make you truly grow the most in your social media account. To make this possible, you have to create and offer them relevant content consistently about your restaurant.

Further more, what sparks an interest to them would also be about how you do things in your restaurant, the people on your team or anything about your local area. You can also share to them your special dishes, interesting information about your menu items, some free recipes and more.

Update Latest Happenings

By using Twitter and Instagram, you can share some up-to-date news and tidbits about your restaurant. You can easily post updates about your new menu items or the latest discount offers you can give your customers. You can also create your own mobile applications to make it an easy access for your customers. Just a tip, choose an excellent mobile app development agency to accomplish this for you. By doing so, you are tempting your customers with lip-smacking content such as photos and people enjoying the atmosphere in your place, which would leave your customers interested and eventually visit your place in no time!

Offer Deals and Contests

Deals and contests can create engagement and attract visitors. It will send in a lot of likes and follows to your page and other social media accounts because they wanted to be on top of the game. It will keep them elated about the hottest deals your restaurant can give them.

Encourage Visitors to Check-In

With the use of Foursquare, you can encourage your customers to check-in and share where they are in their social media accounts as well so that the ball of interest will keep on rolling. If their friends happen to know that you are in your restaurant, chances are, there will be incoming feedbacks and will allow them to explore your place more, especially if they haven’t been there yet.

Share Your Menu

With the social media trend that is happening, you can take advantage of posting your menu on your Facebook page, or a photo of your recipes on Instagram to let your customers see what you are serving them. Aside from that, it would spark curiosity to them especially if you are a themed restaurant.

Customer Service

Last but not the least, on the list. Keep in mind that awesome customer service keeps your visitors more interested in you. No matter if you only have a small following on your social media accounts, but eventually that would increase if they will know how much you value their customers through proper customer relations.

There you go! Just a few tips from us to you! If you have any more suggestions in mind, the comment section is always welcome for you!


Monday, September 22, 2014

5 Lessons You Can Learn From 'Doctor Who' for your Start-up Business

As what the Doctor always says, “Geronimo! “ and “Allons-y!” (French for “Let’s go!” you would know that the Doctor is very much adventurous and open to all possibilities. Doctor Who is a British TV show at BBC and has been airing for 50 years, in total. Perhaps, any geek would know about this show for sure. Yet for now, it’s the 12th doctor’s time and perhaps, there are instances where learning can be absorbed from this sci-fi TV show. Now, to connect it with having a business, say for example you are a start-up business of a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, you might be able to get some lessons in pulling off your business, either personal or by employee relations.

Image Credit from Google Images

Below are five simple and helpful learning that we can extract from the show about maintaining a business:

Follow Your Passion

Just like the Doctor, his passion is travelling. He time-travels in order to see the beauty of the past and the present. He follows his passion when it comes to helping the oppressed people, by helping out. And he dreams of a peaceful galaxy, not only among humans, but also among all the elements beyond and underneath the galaxy, including alien relations.

If you associate this thought with your business, most importantly, you are putting up a business because you believe in the passion that burns inside you. Not only that, but the purpose of turning those ideas into wonderful realizations that not only you can be satisfied, but also the people who needed your talents. It is said that we are made with and for a purpose. And I guess, it just makes the world even better if every entrepreneur uses that passion for the purpose he or she believes in.

Help People

Helping people find solutions should also be one of your priorities. Not just for moneymaking’s sake, but also to add a legacy that your business has done something good for the human race. It may come in small ways but “it’s the thought that counts”. It is also important to do well and excel, just like how the Doctor responds to those who needed him the most. He is good in finding solutions and is good in patching up what needs to be fixed. By having this in mind, your company will prosper because it thinks for the good of people.

Image Credit from Google Images

Enjoy Your Companions

The Doctor knowingly has had different companions in his thousand years of existence. What fun can you get from having a companion share your adventures and the feeling of adrenaline rushing in? In your business, you needed companions too! May it be your business partner or your colleagues, or your employees, the thought is, you should enjoy the companionship. You should not be left alone dealing with the whole business without enjoying a few laughs. It would also sound healthier if you treat your employees (and business partners) not too strict (but still with authority) as well as learn from them too. Having a companion in every step of the way is such a humbling experience and perhaps, it would not only help you in your decision making but also in dealing with people.

Risk Decision-Making

Oftentimes in businesses, there would come a time where you need to undergo tough decision-making. It would be not be a rewarding experience not being able to experience that; overcoming decisions that are quite rough. But by being able to do right decisions no matter how hard it is, would be such a relief. And just like the Doctor, despite having to deal with the whole galaxy in his shoulders, he still manages to think things through and weigh consequences if he decides things. It is like being a hero, but not really.

Adjusting to New Trends

For being able to outlive centuries of generations, the Doctor still manages to get by with the latest trends that are happening around him. Even if he goes back to the 1700s, or goes fast-forward to the future year 2500, he still finds a way to deal with the new trends and being able to cope up. In a business, everyday is a learning experience. And with that would mean having to cope up with the different business trends in the society and of course, in the Internet.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Uncovered: What Can You Expect From Apple’s Newest iOS 8?

Many Apple fans and users might have just been so giddy about attaining the new iOS 8 on their iPhones and iPads. And maybe from now, you might have already downloaded and installed the new Apple operating system, as mobile devices are concerned. But for those of you who are still 50-50 percent convinced on what it’s got for you, then you are at the right place.

And as iOS app developer Philippines, among others, know about what potential the iOS 8 can offer to the public, you can read up these six things to expect from Apple’s new launch.

1. Time-Lapse feature. Timers for selfies.

iOs 8 is not completely an overhaul for iOS 7 but there are a few improvements that can be noted. Just like the Camera app of this new operating system. There is a new feature called as time-lapse, that allows you to capture sped-up videos. Moreover, they have also added a timer feature, wherein you can take selfies at ease. You can now take photos by setting the timer and find a flattering angle at your own dispense.

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2. HealthKit Fitness App to Monitor Your Health

This is one new-featured application that has been current on the buzz recently. Apples’ s Health app features a monitoring scheme of your health patterns and what lifestyle suits best for you. However, there have been speculations that due to the need of a bug fix, there would be a two-week wait before it becomes fully functional and ready for use. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.

3. Better Text Features

Probably Apple was able to hear the plea of their users pertaining to the text messaging and keyboard features the previous iOS 7 was offering. With the new and improved iMessage on iOS 8, you are now able to not only send message via text as characters but you can now reply with your voice! Voice messages, it is. By tapping the microphone icon, you can record your message within iMessage. You wil then have the option of playing back the message to yourself and/or tapping an arrow to send it to another iPhone user.

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Not only that, you can now swipe down from message notifications your reply to the messages sent to you without navigating out of an app. And aside from that, you can remove yourself and others from group texts.

4. Autocorrect.

With the new iOS keyboard known as QuickType, your typing experience would be easier enough for you. It features to give you recommendation of words that can use as you type and it is not only available for text messaging on iMessage but also available for email. It is said to be smarter than the current autocorrect feature by learning the patterns of your communication and trying to imitate your style.

An iOS 8 review by Mashable via Youtube

Not only that, QuickType lso takes into account the application in which you are typing and the person you are communicating with which makes it easier. It will predict and autocorrect differently once it learns your writing style, say answering emails and text messaging.

5. Smarter Siri

As the all-knowing voice-activate assistant known as Siri, Apple has also done some incredible work on her. One of the amazing and first enhancements to date is that: she is now hands-free. If it happens that your device is plugged in and you are close enough for her to hear you, you can just say the words, “Hey, Siri” and then she will likely respond to you.

Moreover, Siri also writes out what you are saying as you say it. This would mean that you don’t have to wait until you are done speaking having to realize that there has been a miscommunication. Sounds terrific, right?

6. Share it With Family

Perhaps Apple has been family-friendly now that it already allows six family members each other’s music, TV shows, films, books, apps and other activities without sharing accounts. And this would mean, you would only need to buy something once. In addition to that, families can now share photographs by contributing to group albums, access a family calendar for better schedule coordination and opt (or opt out) to share their location with loved ones.

With the fancy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus coming right up, users with iPads, iPhones 5c and iPod 5th gen users can make use of this new and promising iOS 8. Perhaps there will still be a lot of things to expect from it but for now, let’s get these aforementioned things started!

If you have any other discoveries about the iOS 8, feel free to share it with us by commenting on the comment section below!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Apple Products Just Got Bigger with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus! Is This Good News?

With the news that is going on around about Apple’s new iPhone release in a row, two different models were launched at once, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which have been causing quite a fuss for a while now. For iOS app developer Philippines, and any elsewhere around the globe, this would become another adjustment to make for them due to the changes. Well, perhaps they would accept the challenge, won’t they?

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Now, for users who are very much ecstatic to know about the features of these new Apple gadgets, here are some expected features of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Bigger Screen Size

With this being one of the most obvious features of Apple’s new iPhones, the screen sizes are way bigger and enhanced. With its iPad-style landscape mode, you can view the images with a wider and clearer screen resolution. If you will be asking how the developers would be able to make do of the adjustments? Perhaps these gadgets are designed for easy migration of features especially for iOS and app developers.


With the Focus Pixel feature technology that improves the phone’s ability to select autofocus points, both phones got some major camera improvements in form of sensor upgrades, improved tone mapping and better noise reduction. The iPhone 6 Plus has also this optical image stabilization feature for optimized image captures.

For videos, there is this 240fps slo-mo option, along with support for shooting in 1080 at 60fps. Its front cam has also been improved with a f 2.2/aperture that allows more light in and has a burst mode shooting capability. See how vivid this invention is?

Battery Life

Improved battery life is also one great feature for these mobile devices since people who are very eager to have their hands laid on these gadgets are always on the go and are very much busy all day long. With a supposed 16 days of standby, 80 hours of audio playback, 14 hours of video playback and 12 hours of Internet usage, the iPhone 6 Plus has been improved with such amazing features.

As for the iPhone 6 which claims up to 10 days of standby time, 50 hours of audio playback, 11 hours of video playback and 10 to 11 hours of Internet use which will also be depending on the type of connection, no wonder Apple has developed a more enhanced lifespan for an iPhone solely dedicated to avid users.

Thickness and Weight

In terms of its thickness and weight, both phones have remarkable similarity although the iPhone 6 Plus is significantly larger in size. With this, the iPhone 6 Plus is .28 inches in thickness which is just a hair thicker than the .27 iPhone 6 and weighs 4.55 ounces. The iPhone 6 Plus, however, weighs 6.07 ounces.


With the same price structure as previous iPhone releases, with prices beginning at $199 for a 16GB model of an iPhone 6, Apple offers more storage for your money in bigger models. The 64GB model will run $299 while the biggest of 128GB will cost $399. On a similar note, the iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 for the 16GB version, at least.

Faster Processor

With an updated chip that runs faster for a processor, an iPhone’s user experience will be much more worthwhile because of this feature. It would make the workflow easy and the switching of tabs and apps will be running smoothly.

Apple Pay system

With the use of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, of which are the only phones that support Apple Pay and relies on two new pieces of hardware: the secure element and the NFC chipset. Without using your physical credit card or shedding out cash to pay for your items bought, all you just need is to tap your phone on the NFC scanner, approve with your fingerprint via Touch ID and a Device Account Number is used for payment. This is dramatically faster and easier than entering passcodes.

Video Courtesy of Youtube

With the trademark Apple iPhone colors of gold, silver, space gray and with these features and amazing improvement, surely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will literally go sold-out. In fact, a lot have already been keeping an eye on these two items and pre-ordering is the only way to have your iPhone reserved for you.

We can’t wait to have your own reviews and share them to us on the comments section below!