Monday, February 6, 2017

Enhance Your Instagram Presence with this 2017 Predictions!

When it comes to sharing photos, Instagram might just be the best and most-visited platforms among the social media giants. Ever since its 2010 launching, we've already seen a lot of improvements about the platform's functionality.

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In 2016, users were able to enjoy the new Instagram features that made its usage more interactive and seamless. Aside from personal usage, companies who use a lot of photos to promote their services made sure that they maximize the usage of the tool to reach more people. This 2017, a new set of changes are expected to dominate on Instagram and if you have plans on fostering a strong online presence in this platform, then knowing what to expect will make a huge difference.

24-hour duration of live video storage

Experts predict that video will dominate 2017 when it comes to consumption. As more people start to consume videos, it's no longer a surprise that social media would adapt to the change and incorporate in their metrics the ability to store videos and make it easier for users to stream content at their most convenient time.

Live video feeds can't usually be stored for long and users will have to watch it live to get the message. This time, Instagram might just be taking a significant leap by allowing people to access live videos within 24 hours.

Instastories overtaking Snapchat stories

One main benefit of these two platforms is the ability to create instant stories about your life, product, and brand that your followers can easily see. But the main difference comes from the fact that Instagram makes it easier for users to connect with other. Instagram allows you to automatically connect with your Facebook or Twitter friends who are also using the platform.

With more people loving the idea of anything instant and fast, it's no wonder why Instagram aces the battle and will probably dominate this year.

Emergence of better Instagram tools for business

A few years ago, Instagram was considered as a personal social media sharing platform which primarily banks on personal photos or creative visuals. Now, it doesn't seem to be the case. As more dynamic tools are created to address marketing needs, we now see how Instagram is becoming one of the more preferred platforms by many online marketers especially startup businesses.

Judging from the trend, Instagram creators seemed to be invested in making the platform social not just for individuals but also for companies. Experts predict that this trend will eventually pave the way to creating features that are centered on helping digital marketers make their Instagram posts more efficient and focused on the needs of their market.

Introduction of Shoppable product tags

If marketing becomes more efficient, the next expected outcome is a boost in sales. It's common knowledge by avid Instagram users that you cannot shop directly from the platform without leaving it to visit the actual online store. This year, it's expected to change. With more users, approximately 42% or millennials, visiting online to shop, it's not longer a surprise for Instagram to start incorporating shopping tags to make online buying easier.

Instagram may not be the best platform for your business, but if you're eyeing for an increased awareness of your brand through visuals and video stories, then now might be the right time to start creating an account.

Reevaluate the efficiency of your social media campaigns and see how Instagram's current and expected features can play a role to boost your brand's promotion. Also, consider dropping social media accounts which are not longer performing well. Keep in mind that not all social media platforms are fit for the nature of your business and if you haven't tried Instagram yet, then might as well take the time to get to know the platform and see how it can help your brand enhance its visibility.


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