Friday, September 4, 2015

4 Simple Tips for Dealing with Upset Clients on Social Media

What do you usually do when you unintentionally upset your clients? Have you done anything wrong that leads them to be upset? Why do you think your potential clients are upset with the post that you have? How will you handle their frustrations and critics towards you? How will you let them understand that what you have done was not on your purpose? What did you do to calm them down?

Yes, when it comes to social media, your approach towards your potential and target clients will be much different than in person. You have the need to know what words you should use in order to fit the context of what you are trying to imply. Moreover, the tone of your content should be convincing for you to immediately grab their attention before anything else. Sad to say, there are just times that we tend to forget all of these things and do whatever we want to do.

Well sometimes, we are not aware that we already have offended our clients. If you could just talk with your client personally, then it is better and easier for you to make things go back to normal. However, you are dealing with a client through social media, which makes it more challenging on your end on to how you are going to let them understand the situation. If you are one of those people who are still stuck on these kind situations, then here are some simple and effective tips for you to deal with your upset clients on social media.

Respond no matter what

Misunderstanding between you and your client will definitely not be resolved if you don't respond to their critics immediately. Especially when your clients have some complaints about your post, then it is your responsibility as a marketer to let them know and understand the things on what you are trying to imply to them, in as much as simple way as possible.

Remember, there are hundreds to thousands of people who can see your post, and if you don’t respond and just ignore it, they might think that you don’t care about your target audience at all. Well, you don't need to fret too much since your clients will definitely understand if you just know how to explain it to them.

Be patient and understanding

There will be times that your client will try to argue with you on social media and insist that they are right about what they believe. However, even if they have the right to complain, it doesn’t mean that they will always be right. You also have the right to explain your side about the post that you have on social media. Of course, you have to be patient and understanding with your clients in order for you to effectively convince them that what you have posted is true.

Contact your client privately

Arguing with your client on social media is an act of unprofessional. You do not attack them with words below the post that you have. Of course, the conversation between you and your client will bring some attention to the other people. And it is not an ideal thing to do if you are protecting your reputation.

One of the best ways you can lessen the tension is to communicate with them privately. It will definitely not hurt you if you extend some time and effort in letting them understand what you want to impart to them. Also, this is also a way for you to know how and why they are upset with the post that you have, and know their side of their story.

Consider asking your client to remove the comment

It might be embarrassing to ask for a small favor from your client, however, it is the only way you can make the negative conversation stop.  Moreover, if you just leave the negative comment on your post, a lot of people can still read it and might try to continue the conversation that you had.  With that, your reputation as a marketer will definitely be destroy and people will not trust you anymore.

If you want to save your reputation, asking your client to remove the negative comment will not hurt you. Just at least reach out to them and let them understand what you want imply to them.

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