Thursday, September 24, 2015

4 Online Marketing Scams you Need to Avoid
Online marketing scams are rampant. Some of you here might have already experience being deceived by interesting offers and/or promos while others just didn't realize that they have already been victimized by some online marketing scams. Like any other online marketing agencies, there are companies that give you an intriguing offer with the hopes that you might like and engage with the products and/or services that they had the offer.

When you are exposed to online activities, there will be a higher chance that you will encounter these kinds of scam. Of course, at first you will not know that it is a scam since the offer is quite reasonable enough for you to be tempted to engage with their business. However, as you go along, carefully reading their business or company description, you will eventually realize that that particular company is a scam. You will only know that if you are keen enough to every online transaction that you will have.

Yes, the offer might sound appealing to you, but how sure are you that it is not a scam? There are actually a lot of online marketing scams, and below are the top 4 most common online marketing scams that most people have already been victimized by it. Some of you here might encounter these scams – well, just ignore it!

1. Fake affiliate marketing training

Online training seminars can immediately grab the audience's attention, especially when he/she is really looking for one. Offering an online training for SEO Marketing, for example, is a temptation, enough for you to engage immediately with the offer. And if you are searching for more, there will be hundreds to thousands of people trying to sell and/or offer you a course, an e-book, and/or other various kinds of information that you want to have.

Yes, they might have offered you a good product, but these products are often nothing more than a rip-off. You don't actually learn anything useful and you have already spent your money for a single course or an e-book. Moreover, the materials that were given to you were full of fluff and no real, actionable lessons. If you want to have a good training, you have to make sure that you know the company very well. Check their backgrounds if they are really credible for conducting online training seminars.

2. Get-rich-quick offers

Getting rich in the quickest way as possible is definitely impossible! They gave you an interesting deal that when you invest a $2,000, it will be doubled or tripled overnight. This is definitely a mind-blowing offer, but don't fall for it. If they are not scams, they will let you invest in an open book product or service – not with the "secret system that works". Also, this is one of the most rampant scams you will see online. When you fall for its offer, then you have been deceived.

Money is very important to our everyday lives. We live with the use of money. However, you always have to remember that money doesn't come in an easy way; you have to work for it. Investing it with some offers that you are not sure with is definitely not a good option.

3. No product/service to sell

When a marketer is convincing you to join their business with no products and/or services to sell, then you better think twice before saying yes to them. If a particular company is offering you a good deal with no products – then this is obviously a scam. How can one person get rich or double their money when in the first place they don't have something to promote or sell to? What is it that you are actually selling?

A pyramid scheme is one of the most common scams that you might encounter later on. It is a scheme where no one is actually making any money.  One person tries to make an investment to join the program and after that, the money that you have invested will be passed around from one person to the next. And you just didn't realize that you already being deceived.

4. Pay-to-join programs

Online marketing nowadays already has programs for people who are interested in joining. However, not all online programs are legit and trustworthy enough for you to be joining. Usually, they will let you pay first before signing in for the registration. And when you do, there will be higher possibilities that you cannot open a particular link for you to be one of the ‘members' of the club and/or whatever program that you are joining.

Yes, online is used to connect with other people and share some new and interesting ideas. However, it will always not be the case. Before joining a particular club or program, you have to make sure that you have checked their background on to what they are up to, or what company they really are. With that, you will have an idea on the things that you are doing online.

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