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Uncovered: What Can You Expect From Apple’s Newest iOS 8?

Many Apple fans and users might have just been so giddy about attaining the new iOS 8 on their iPhones and iPads. And maybe from now, you might have already downloaded and installed the new Apple operating system, as mobile devices are concerned. But for those of you who are still 50-50 percent convinced on what it’s got for you, then you are at the right place.

And as iOS app developer Philippines, among others, know about what potential the iOS 8 can offer to the public, you can read up these six things to expect from Apple’s new launch.

1. Time-Lapse feature. Timers for selfies.

iOs 8 is not completely an overhaul for iOS 7 but there are a few improvements that can be noted. Just like the Camera app of this new operating system. There is a new feature called as time-lapse, that allows you to capture sped-up videos. Moreover, they have also added a timer feature, wherein you can take selfies at ease. You can now take photos by setting the timer and find a flattering angle at your own dispense.

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2. HealthKit Fitness App to Monitor Your Health

This is one new-featured application that has been current on the buzz recently. Apples’ s Health app features a monitoring scheme of your health patterns and what lifestyle suits best for you. However, there have been speculations that due to the need of a bug fix, there would be a two-week wait before it becomes fully functional and ready for use. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that.

3. Better Text Features

Probably Apple was able to hear the plea of their users pertaining to the text messaging and keyboard features the previous iOS 7 was offering. With the new and improved iMessage on iOS 8, you are now able to not only send message via text as characters but you can now reply with your voice! Voice messages, it is. By tapping the microphone icon, you can record your message within iMessage. You wil then have the option of playing back the message to yourself and/or tapping an arrow to send it to another iPhone user.

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Not only that, you can now swipe down from message notifications your reply to the messages sent to you without navigating out of an app. And aside from that, you can remove yourself and others from group texts.

4. Autocorrect.

With the new iOS keyboard known as QuickType, your typing experience would be easier enough for you. It features to give you recommendation of words that can use as you type and it is not only available for text messaging on iMessage but also available for email. It is said to be smarter than the current autocorrect feature by learning the patterns of your communication and trying to imitate your style.

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Not only that, QuickType lso takes into account the application in which you are typing and the person you are communicating with which makes it easier. It will predict and autocorrect differently once it learns your writing style, say answering emails and text messaging.

5. Smarter Siri

As the all-knowing voice-activate assistant known as Siri, Apple has also done some incredible work on her. One of the amazing and first enhancements to date is that: she is now hands-free. If it happens that your device is plugged in and you are close enough for her to hear you, you can just say the words, “Hey, Siri” and then she will likely respond to you.

Moreover, Siri also writes out what you are saying as you say it. This would mean that you don’t have to wait until you are done speaking having to realize that there has been a miscommunication. Sounds terrific, right?

6. Share it With Family

Perhaps Apple has been family-friendly now that it already allows six family members each other’s music, TV shows, films, books, apps and other activities without sharing accounts. And this would mean, you would only need to buy something once. In addition to that, families can now share photographs by contributing to group albums, access a family calendar for better schedule coordination and opt (or opt out) to share their location with loved ones.

With the fancy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus coming right up, users with iPads, iPhones 5c and iPod 5th gen users can make use of this new and promising iOS 8. Perhaps there will still be a lot of things to expect from it but for now, let’s get these aforementioned things started!

If you have any other discoveries about the iOS 8, feel free to share it with us by commenting on the comment section below!


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