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The Evolution of the iPod: How Apple Tries to Keep Up With Music When It Comes to Technology

As a music lover myself, I have been keeping up with the music that is emerging nowadays. Not mentioning the music that my parents have been enjoying a couple of years ago. For me, music is something that I wish I could always have, like a soundtrack that affirms every life event, every milestone.

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With this, I always make sure to have my disc jockey with me back then. But when the iPod came out for the first time, it gave me a hint of ease and comfort because of the fact that it is good for digital music consumption. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to music using my disc jockey with my headphones on, but the iPod trend got me.

Music Revolution

The time when Steve Jobs presented a new device called the iPod, a lot have been intrigued about how it would affect the music industry especially the production of CDs and physical records. However, this made music even more revolutionized. With the very handy dandy gadgets on side, surely, music can be heard anywhere, everywhere with Apple’s first iPod, which holds 1,000 songs. Clearly, it showcases a massive storage capability within just a very light and compact body.

The time iTunes was launched; the iPod made more sense because of the millions of song downloads that were acquired. What made it more popular is the fact that artists are now even using iTunes to sell their music out to the public, having more easy access for their listeners, not mentioning the comfort it gives with just a few clicks by online purchase.

iPod Evolution

Now, the lines of Apple iPods have really come a long way, in technological sense. From just having shuffle modes to touch screens and to Wi-Fi enabling features, the iPod’s evolution definitely served its purpose.

The iPod Classic

By swiftly swiping the surface of this classic gadget, the iPod Classic is definitely one of its kinds. It has set the bar for music consumption. Storing up to 160G worth of memory capacity, one can also store videos, photos and files for easy access without you needing a USB stick to transfer files.

It might look a bit huge, quite enough to fit on your hands, but definitely the iPod classic is a must have.

The iPod Nano

The iPod nano is another revolutionary invention to make things more light and easy. Still a portable media player having been able to undergo seven generation updates. This just shows that Apple is keeping up with the demands of their consumers in accordance to the usage. More often than not, most athletes, or people who wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle by mere exercising with music usually use the iPod nano. So if you want to jog along with some music, the iPod nano is perfect for you! However, there is not definite news on what Apple’s plans are for this gadget but let us just anticipate that it will still stay for a while on store shelves longer.

The iPod Touch

Close enough to being like the iPhone, except the SMS and call features, the iPod touch is a multi-purpose pocket size electronic device. It doesn’t only hold music for storage but it also stores video. Aside from that, it can also be used as a digital camera and a handheld game device with applications you can purchase or download at the App Store. Sure enough, mobile app development firms tops this. Going back, the iPod Touch also enables you to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi. It has similarities that of an iPhone because of its iOS operating system. More over, it holds a maximum of 64G storage capacity.

Clearly, the iPod has been undergoing different changes just like how music is influencing the public through all these years. 

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