Monday, September 14, 2015

Content Marketing 101: Six Types of Content to Boost Traffic and Engagement

People make the rookie mistake of thinking that content marketing is all about blogging. 
However, this is a vast understatement and a misconception no less. We have reached new depths in the creation of content that blogging is just one of the many and diverse ways to do it.

 However, with so many options to choose from, which of these drives more traffic to our respective websites? 

Which of these have better online traction and user engagement? 

A direct answer would be the hip and trendy ones. However, it is not as straightforward as we all think it should be. Utilizing just one type of popular content may initially guarantee you results, however maintaining this would prove to be difficult. Moreover, marketing just a single type of content is a surefire way to make your traffic and engagement rates tank and dip. The key is to add something new to the mix every once in a while. Make your page fun, exciting and fresh. 

So if you’re looking to add a new spin to your contents, let this article serve as your menu of the various types of contents you can choose to utilize on your page. 


Guides are fairly common online and more often than not, they are usually exhaustive when it comes to detailing the information they are trying to convey. This is understandable as guides do not simply offer their readers information but rather, they have that authoritative voice that teaches their readers the relevant techniques on how to go about what is discussed. 

This content is relevantly popular as it encourages readers to do things themselves and take whatever task they have at hand by the reins. Though they are lengthy compared to other types of content, they are popular as they provide extensive information. 


Making memes is one of the best content marketing ploys to attract a diverse population of online users and readers as it is fresh, new and trendy. It was fairly unheard of in the early 2010’s and made a sudden impact in the latter part of that same year. Memes are popular in a sense that they are humorous and readers can relate them better which is why they are such a hit with the online community. Memes utilize the voice of your audience who made this type of content popular in the first place. 

Memes are fun-filled pictures usually associated with pop culture alongside just a sprinkle of words. To make this more effective, they usually have a humorous undertone. It does not take a lot of brainwork to do and is relatively easy to utilize which is it is so popular. 


Videos offer you a lot more variety than ordinary writing ever can. 

It offers you a whole lot of possibilities and it certainly presents your content in a more visually entertaining way. Because videos are a lot more versatile than written contents, aestheticism is easily achieved through the utilization of motion pictures. Additionally, it helps you convey your message better, memorably and succinctly as well making this type of content effective in gaining traction. 

If it is done well, its power of persuasion will be unmatched.


This one is a bit more popular than the rest and is certainly making rounds online. In fact, each and every content writer must have written at least one how-to article in her career. This is because how-to’s are relatively easy to do and succeed in capturing the interest of your audience. 

It is less extensive than a guide and is certainly not as exhaustive as one which is why it is an effective type of content for the type of audience who wants to get the gist of how to get a particular thing done without going through all the specifics.  For writers, this is a content that is rather easy to manipulate and create seeing as options are rather inexhaustible and seemingly endless. You basically focus on a single task at hand and create a step by step plan on how to accomplish it. 

In order for you how-to article to gain traction and efficacy, make it thorough and informative. Include diagrams and pictures as much as you can. 

In closing…

The options offered in this article are just a smidge of the various possibilities you can still try out there. When it comes to content creation, the possibilities are endless and in there is teeming potential for traction, traffic and audience engagement. Now, it is up to you to exploit that potential in your content strategies. 
Remember; do not stick to a particular type of content. Mix it up. 
Now, get up and get creating. 

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