Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tips and Tricks Online Content Writers Can Learn From Fiction Writers


You may think that there must be something vastly wrong with the title. How can content marketing ever get tips from fiction writers?

Content writers provide information that could potentially lead to link building services while fiction writers still do offer substantial information but would more towards creative writing.  How do you harmonize both? Moreover, how is anything in content writing related to fiction writing?

Is there even a similarity between the two?

A common misconception is that there is none. However, like fiction writing, content writing in itself is still a form of storytelling and because this is so, content writers can take a leaf or two out of a fiction writer's style and technique in drafting unique content. Here are some of a few:

Polish your article. If it sounds too much like a write-up, go back and rewrite.

Should your writing sound too formal and stiff, you would bore your readers. Try to give your articles new spins every single time you write and never stick to a single formula. Sure, it may be trusted and it may work, but bear in mind that this is the easiest way for you readers to grow tedious of your work and for you to find your craft monotonous.

A few tips would be to avoid adverbs where possible as more often than not, we utilize this just to boost our word count. Additionally, keep things short and concise by not going into great detail when describing things unless you are rather excellent at it and lastly, leave out anything that you think your readers may tend to skip. To elaborate, if anything in your content sounds awkward, formal or stuffy upon verbal reading, omit it.

Use your words to show not to tell 

Consumers are tricky persons, they would not want you to boast about how great your product is, they want concrete examples of just how amazing and awesome it is. Telling them just won't cut it, you need specifics and stories. This is where anecdotes will come in handy.

 Detailing how great your product is may seem more appropriate in non-fiction content marketing, however, mix it up with a few images here and there. Prove your point by writing about actions instead of just telling it straight out.

Utilize suspense 

Like fiction, content marketing is about creating suspense. Tell a story and have a great build up, have unresolved mysteries that you would wrap up by the end of your article. In essence, this is what keeps a reader in your blog and which would make them read it from start to finish.

Avoid answering all questions before you reach at the end of your blog. Maintain a good balance between achieving just the right amount of suspense and filling the gaps between unresolved questions and their respective answers. Make sure that at the end of your article, you have successfully delivered the resolution to the mystery you have crafted.

Write what you love not about what you think you're supposed to write

This may seem impractical seeing that as content marketers, we don't have much room to let our creative juices flowing with the topics we are most passionate about but consider that for every niche there is, there is room for something that would potentially interest you.

 Always keep in mind that if you do not want to read it, there's a chance that nobody else would want to either.

Learn from other writers just like yourself 

There is always room for learning and writing is a never-ending process of learning. Take it from other writers who have more experience than you and observe how they craft their articles. Read a lot of blog posts, especially ones that you really enjoy and absorb their skills.

All in all, as bloggers and content marketers we need to make sure our craft is something that our readers will enjoy so that we can be assured that they would come back for more. A key element in doing this is to continuously mix it up which is why, as writers we can take a leaf or two from those seasoned writers who always keep readers flipping from one page to another, the fiction writers. Once we master this, we would not only succeed in garnering more readers, we would polish our skills as well.

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