Thursday, July 30, 2015

Overcoming The Ever Dreaded Writer’s Block

So you have written a fairly good amount of blog posts, most of which were exceptionally written, riveting and thought provoking. One of your posts even got featured and was shared an innumerable number of times and from that moment on, you believed you could achieve the impossible: Generate blog posts and articles and topics almost as immediately as you need them. Yes, you believed this feature was quite possible. After all, one of your articles have been featured (and yes you gloated about it to your colleagues’ faces for days) but now as you stare at that persistently blinking cursor.

 That white screen. You realized, you cannot hold on to your former glory any longer. You will be the first to admit it no matter how hard it would be. But…you are stumped. You have absolutely no idea what to write and you finally managed to have what most writers and bloggers all over the world fear the most: A blank canvas.

What in blazes should I write about now when my idea well has run dry? What are important topics I could potentially talk about (not to mention I’d have to find a way to insert various keywords into these posts seeing as it is for SEO Companies that specialize in link building services). Ughhh, this is draining and impossible! Tomorrow, I shall try again and I will probably have thought of something by then.

It is not as uncommon as you think

The truth is, the thoughts above are all very real manifestations of a writer or a blogger who is suffering from a writer’s block. It happens to everyone, and we have all been there. As much as we want to be unstoppable generators of blogs, topics and ideas, it is inevitable that there would be days wherein are brains ceases to function, we are distracted and even our most worthy muse would not be able to help us write. 

Why does it happen?

People are complex creatures so no two persons on earth will have roughly the same reasons for suffering from the inability to write their prose. However, some common causes would be:

*Fear: It is an inescapable fact that some writers live with fear and struggle with being afraid. There are just some writers who are afraid of having their ideas (their prized babies for some) see the world only to have everyone start critiquing them. This is one major reason why some writers never become writers.

*Timing: When your timing is off, no force in the world can even compel your mind to get cracking on writing. When it is not the appropriate time to write, your ideas may need to be developed further before they can finally start appearing on screen or on paper.

*Perfectionism: Because you want everything to be perfect down to every inch and cranny of your prose, your post, your book, you never begin for fear of it being less than stellar.

So, what do we do to overcome this?

Writing is an art, not a science. So you will have to approach it in approximately the same way. There is simply no straightforward way of overcoming this pressing concern, no formulaic fix such as “10 Steps to Overcoming Writers Block” but here are a few ideas that might help you deal better with your creative constipation.
·         Listen to music
-          Let the various tones relax you and help you focus
·         Eliminate Distractions
-          Ommwriter helps you focus on just writing and solely writing
·         Read a Book
-          Sometimes, a little reading can stew some dormant ideas already in your head
·         Go for a walk
-          This is a chance to be alone with your thoughts with those creative juices flowing
·         Brainstorm ideas in bullet points
-          The less cluttered and more organized they are, the better you can think

There are a lot more ways to overcome writer’s block but it is imperative that you do move. You need momentum in order to get those gears moving. Once you have a direction or are beginning to move there at least, it would be easier to pick up the pace and the speed. And without noticing it much, your block will be a thing of the past. You will finally be achieving what you had wanted to do in the first place.

You will be writing.  

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