Friday, October 9, 2015

Why Digital Marketers Need to be a Great Observer?

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Practice the art of observing – but seriously, how? That is one of the dilemmas marketers usually face. And even if you are an expert in digital marketing, there is no guarantee that you have already perfected the art of observing. Technically speaking, being observant is already part of our nature, whether you are a digital marketer or just an ordinary person. However, for marketers, being observant is one way to spot the weakness of their competitor and use it as their advantage. Well, that's the perks you can get when you just know how to observe.

Being observant is not a bad thing as you think it is. In fact, we humans have been very good observers. We tend to use our five senses just to observe a particular thing. And it is a good trait to jump-start your day. Basically when you observe, you watch and listen to someone carefully. You also have to analyse their behaviour and their approach toward digital marketing strategies. Of course, there will always be a reason behind the things they do. And when you sort that out, then you will eventually understand as to why they behave and do such thing.

As a digital marketer, being observant is a crucial thing to do. Of course, you definitely don't want to stare at your competitor for hours and ask them a direct question, without even realizing that you are crossing the line. That is definitely a no-no for you to do! You have to know the basic of observing for you to survive in the marketing industry. And there are actually a lot of ways you can observe other digital marketers. That is, of course, in a professional way.

And let's admit! Some of us here just don't realize it yet that they have been observed while others don't know that you have been observing them secretly. When you start observing someone, you become more curious about what they do. What kind of approach and/or strategies they used to have a successful marketing, and how they cope with the difficulties in attaining their desired outcome? The more curious you are, the more answers you want to know. And I'll tell you, it's addicting.

Before entering a digital marketing agency, you have to be aware that you will be dealing with thousands to millions of marketers around the marketing world. You have to be prepared and equipped with enough knowledge on how you are going to be on the top rank than the others. Of course, it is one of your top priorities if you want to stay longer in the marketing industry. Moreover, your actions, strategies and/or approach towards marketing can affect your career if you are not aware and careful enough on the things you do.

When you observe, there will be a lot of questions that will come to your mind. The questions with What, When, Where, Why and How. But do you know the most important question is the WHY? Why do they use that particular approach in a particular situation? Why do they have to do this instead of doing this? The more you ask yourself why, the sharper you are when it comes to observing. You are not contented with the answers that you have and you tend to seek more. And that is one of the qualities of a digital marketer should have – not being contented on the strategies that have applied and tend to seek more for the betterment for their clients.

Of course, it doesn't just end up with asking questions. Basically when you are a marketer, there will be a lot of jargons and/or languages that only marketers know. And usually, they communicate in a non-verbal form. That means, if you don't know what they are talking about, you'll definitely don't get and understand what they want to imply. Well, this is the perfect time for you to practice your observing skills. Observe how they talk, how they use their eyes and/or any other gestures that could mean anything.

Why is there a need for us to observe? Simple. To cope with the things around us, to be human and learn what humans learn. And if you are a marketer, it's an important thing for you to do to learn what other marketers do.

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