Friday, October 16, 2015

For People Who Hate to Write yet Love to Blog

Is it really okay to blog without observing the right approach of writing? Good question!

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A lot of you here might ask the same question, and you too might wonder if it really is acceptable or not. Well technically, we all know how to write. Even if you are conscious about your writing style, you still know how to write – just plain writing though. But not all of us know the writing technique. Basically, you cannot blog when you know nothing about writing. There will always be writing involved. Fortunately, even if you are struggling with your write ups, you can still blog. But how?

Whether you agree with me on this or not, when we talk about blogging, it doesn't have to be strict since you are creating your own style of "Diary". If you have something that interests you, then it is your call to post it on your blog. Well that unless you seek help from SEO consulting services, then you can basically do blogging yourself. It doesn't have to be that hard, all you need to do is know the fundamentals of blogging, then you're off to go to the next step.

Create an outline

For non-writers, having an outline or draft is important. This will help guide you on what kind of content you are going to write. Basically, you have to brainstorm the things that you want to write for your topic, or if there is anything that caught your interest that is worth writing, then you can proceed with your first draft. Don't worry about how crappy it is, you will eventually have a good sentence – then, a paragraph.

Aside from the context that you want to have, the title is also important for you to consider. This is the time when you have to catch the attention of your potential readers, through your engaging title.  Moreover, in order for your readers to stay longer on your post, you have to make sure that you're working and focusing around your post. If you think that you are getting away with the context that you're supposed to have, then you have to go back to your topic on what is it really all about. Keep track on the content that you will be having.

Write about areas of interest

Basically, it is hard to write about something, especially when you don't have any idea at all. Even if you do some research, without a particular factor that grabs your interest on a specific topic, then it might be harder to write on your end. And I'll tell you, the struggle is real. However, if you start writing on the things that caught your interest, there will be a lot of ideas that you can think of.

When you like the topic, writing about it would be a lot of fun. You never know, you can write a good article after all. However, there's a caveat though, you also have to make sure that what interest you is also interesting for your potential readers. If not, then your potential audience might not be on your favor.

Use a variety of formats

When you blog, always remember that the reading span of your readers is just short. And within that span, you have to make sure that you already have grabbed their attention. Writing doesn't have to be monotonous; you can definitely use various formats. You can use a create lists, tell a story, give step-by-step instructions, design an infographic, or giving out tips for your readers. In fact, it is also one way you can grab your potential reader's curiosity and interest.

Moreover, the more you use various formats on your content, the more exciting it will be for you and for your readers. This is one way for you to be creative and innovative when it comes to blogging.

Make use of videos

Whether you like it or not, there are just times pictures are not enough to grab your reader's attention. You have to think of another alternative for you to let your readers engage on your post. And aside from the pictures that you have, why not try including some videos on your blog? Technically speaking, do you know that videos can help you explain the things that you can't express it yourself?

Moreover, including videos on your blog post can help you minimize your writing mistakes. If you are not sure about your writings style, then make use and take advantage of videos.

Seek help from a professional writer

If you really have the urge to blog, yet you don't have any confident on your writing style, why don't you try looking for an editor? There are actually a lot of people who cater blogger who wants to proofread their work. Of course, there is nothing impossible with our technology nowadays. With just an email away, then you can already have an edited work and ready for publishing.

For the meantime, if you are planning to self-edit your work, then there are also a lot of grammar and spelling editing software that you can use. Well, all you have to do is create your own account, and then you're ready for editing.

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