Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Social Customer Service Matters & Ways to Do It Right

Think about running a business without the use of social media – it would take a long time for potential clients to notice your brand. That means social media brings a great impact when used in business. Due to its convenience and wide range, even companies such as online marketing agencies used social media to their advantage. In fact, the rapid growth of social media users is undeniably increasing.

Social customer service is not just about a concept of a marketer and client relationship. This also gives an opportunity to understand your clients' way of purchasing, and how it affects the sales of your business. When this strategy is done in the right way, there would be a stronger relationship between you as the marketer and your clients which lead to success.

Now, customer service has become one of the top strategies most marketers consider. And to give you some idea, below are the things why social services matter in the marketing industry.

Response speed

Timeliness is important in business.  You cannot have a guaranteed success when you don't know how to manage your time in accomplishing your tasks. How much more when you are dealing with clients on social media, you should have the control on the needs of your clients. For instance, you were not able to address immediately the negative comments your clients gave, the longer it stayed on social media the more chances for the situation to get viral which will cause to jeopardize your business.

That is why being quick when addressing such matter in social media is a must for a marketer to do. If you sense that clients are unhappy with the products or services you gave, then you better have an alternative way in addressing such disappointments.

The element of surprise

In social media, not all the times people receive a message from the company. In fact, they just tend to use social media as a public forum to vent out their issues on the products or services. However, you can turn this situation to your advantage. Since complaints and unhappy customers are inevitable, you can address the issue by reaching to them in a friendly way. Isn't it nice and surprising when a company takes a time to response your concerns?  Instead of making the issue worst, you let your clients understand the situation which leads to a positive outcome.

Responding to their complaints is not just about protecting the reputation of your business. It is also about valuing the client's needs and concerns. And of course, this will also protect your clients from having a bad experience when it comes to a marketing transaction.

The power of empathy

Yes, the relationship between a marketer and a client should be strictly followed. But sometimes, you need to break that barrier to reach out more to them. In this way, you will understand their concerns while you actively find a way to solve their problems. No, companies or marketers who give empathy to their clients are not weak. That just means that they value and cares about their clients and their happiness. You bet, the feeling would be great when there is someone who extends their effort just to help achieve what you want in life.

Although marketers use social media to address such concerns, that doesn't hinder the chance to resolve the problem.

Taking control of a messy situation

Marketers know so well that social media is a jungle. What you do in socially can make or break your business's reputation. That means, assessing the things you want to do online is a must to avoid unwanted situations.  For instance, you cannot avoid complaints from your clients. However, you can stop the negative comments in going viral when you address the issue properly. Again, timeliness is one of the keys to achieving a desirable outcome. But being timely is nothing if you also don't know how to address such issues to your clients.

Basically, in order for you to have a control, you need to be keen on the situation. Read, pause, think and have the right response to your clients. With this, you will have the opportunity to explain the things they need to know and understand.

Turning critics into champions

 Being smart in everything you do is a must! As a marketer, you have to expect that there will be complaints from your clients. Perhaps, clients saw the flaws in your business which is why they are disappointed. However, instead of being discouraged, take this as a chance to do more in business.

When you correct the flaws, clients would appreciate the improvements the next time they do business with you. Of course, this is also one way to grab the interest of your clients and not driving them away from your business. The more improvements you'll do for your business, the more clients would want to do business with you.

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