Thursday, October 8, 2015

Writing for Boring Industries? Take a look at this!

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Topics are incredibly diverse and unique. 

There are glamorous and stellar topics which are a cake walk to write. This is where travel, food, fashion, life, etc. are lumped together to form one bundle of interesting and exciting topic hub.
And then there is the other side of the coin: Topics that you could not be bothered to write about. 

Topics you are not even sure someone would want to read.

Writing compelling content for these topics is already hard enough by itself.

Writing compelling, engaging and entertaining content for an industry that is rather boring on the hand is not only arduous but tedious. But as it is, someone has to undertake this grueling task.

And no matter how frustratingly laborious it might sound and how bookish your blog post might end up, crafting interesting and compelling written content for a boring digital marketing agency is not impossible.
And if you are at a loss as to how, give this article a look and see if any of these tips might assist you in your future writing endeavor.

Keep in mind that anything helpful is rarely boring

Consider the fact that though you might find your write-up like a soporific academic piece, someone out there is going to find your piece helpful and would be very grateful that they came upon your piece online. Be genuinely helpful in your writing approach. Do not write for the sake of meeting your weekly quota. Instead, make a conscious attempt to widen your sources and add helpful information.

Incorporate your sense of humor into your write-up

Anything funny will immediately score some entertainment points (point system depends on the reader’s sense of humor). Tickle your audience’s funny bone; utilize colloquial language and reference pop culture or trending topics where appropriate. Not only will this keep your audiences reading down to the very last word of your post, but it spurs you to finish what you have begun as well.

Avoid using technical terms. Write like you speak

Jargon is something we should all avoid in writing blog posts at all costs (unless it is a post specifically written to explain these terms). But this becomes imperative when you are writing for a boring topic. You do not want to bore your audience after all and the easy way to do that is to avoid technical terms. Apart from that, utilize informal language and write like you speak. This gives your otherwise sleep-inducing article a personal feel which your audiences would be more receptive to.

Utilize analogies that your audiences might relate to

 An easy error to make is simply to justify your topic as boring whereas it might otherwise be just confusing. To paint a more understandable picture, try to fathom the fact that a lot of people would be more than willing to allocate an hour or so watching Morgan Freeman explain Dark Matter in Through the Wormhole but would barely pick up an article written by a Ph.D. on the same subject. Similarly, use the same context in your articles. Incorporate analogies and metaphors into your article that will be more or less relatable to your audiences.

Tell Stories

Storytelling is a simple yet effective pro-tip. Audiences are more receptive to blog posts that integrate anecdotes into the write-up. The fact is, telling a story has been one of the most utilized techniques circulating all over the net with headlines such as, “This woman washed her hair with two cans of coca cola. What happens next would amaze you”. Why? People are naturally curious and are more than willing to find out the rest of the story. Exploit this when you are writing a rather monotonous article.

Boring articles are not essentially boring if you, the writer would pour your heart out into it and exert as much effort into it as you are in your more interesting articles. One thing to remember is, there are absolutely no boring articles, just boring writers.

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