Thursday, January 26, 2017

Top 10 Most Trendy Website Niche this 2017

Planning to get started with blogging?


There are tons of topics and blog niches waiting to be written and you might just be able to do a good break. But even if you don’t have any grand dreams of building thousands of followers or even monetizing your site, knowing the niches that are often visited by many readers will help. After all, why blog publicly if you don’t want your voice to be heard in the first place?

Here are ten niches you can explore to see if your plan blog falls in the popular and most in-demand ones.

Technology or Gadget

This is a top pick for tech-savvy online readers who are also fans of the latest mobile developments from their favorite brands. It can cover posts such as list post on the most popular apps, recent mobile model releases up to the most ground-breaking discoveries in the tech world.


With the clothing industry now in a boom, it’s no surprise to see a drastic increase in consumers who buy new fashion clothes and accessories to perfect their getup. There are ‘fashionistas’ who go an extra mile and write something about their experience and thoughts on the latest clothing line they’ve tried. From dresses, casual attire to shoes and jewels, this niche has proven to gather one of the biggest subscriptions in the blogosphere.


You must have tried reading something about health tips, diet hacks and productivity posts in the past. These topics are part of the lifestyle niche. They seek to provide helpful information for people around the world especially to adults about how to improve one’s life. You also often read real-life stories being featured in these posts.


Whether it’s about time management, pursuing success, or developing a better building routine, self-help blogs can provide you both with real story information from actual people and research-backed data. In the busy lifestyle most people in the city have, self-help information are viewed with certain degree of importance by a number of people.

Writing or Blogging

You might be surprised by the amount of people who show interest in the act of blogging. A number of self-employed individuals and even startup entrepreneurs find help on popular blogging sites to get ideas on how to get started as well as the usual do’s and don’ts.


We all have to agree that when it comes to food, everyone just seemed to have their own favorite. Blogs under this niche cover a variety of topics from the must-try local delicacies of a city up to the most exotic and delectable street foods anyone can try while on an overseas trip in a particular country.


Foods can be a sub-category for this niche, but this is in itself is a big area to explore. With the increased number of people who travel around various places, we see a significant increase in travel blogs too. From personal experience to budget breakdown, this niche might just be what you’re looking for when planning your own trip.


This one’s popular among entrepreneurs though a lot of business students also show high interest in making reliable blogs as their regular reference for studying. Topics such as B2B marketing, professional etiquette up to case studies on the recent status of a digital marketing services in the Philippines, are covered by this category.

DIY and How-to

With the increase of high-priced goods, there is now a solid fanbase for personal blogs and websites that features DIY instructional guide on how to do something or How-to tips. It covers a variety of sub-categories too like interior designing, creative journaling, recycling and more.

Reviews (movies, books, cosmetics, etc.)

Last but not the least are those reviews you often encounter when searching for a definition or comment about a show, product and even books. Many people now want to hear what other buyers think about a product before making the purchase themselves and review blogs do a great deal of providing reliable information on this.

 Make a list of general things you want to write about. Focus on a niche, refer to our list and start blogging!  

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