Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Lessons Failure Can Teach Marketers
 It is a sad thing to experience failure. Who would be happy, right? We all do fail. And sometimes, we even fail at everything.  However, in life, experiencing failure is a normal thing to have – and it's inevitable. There are actually a lot of factors that causes us to fail. Even professionals working in a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, they also fail. Failure is a terrifying thing to experience. But the good thing about failing is that you learn something out from it.

Failure remains a failure when you don't actually correct the mistakes that you have made. Especially when you are a marketer, the repetition of mistakes over and over again is definitely a no-no. When you do, you will surely lose your credibility and no one will trust you to do marketing with you anymore. And I'm sure, you don't want that to happen.

Fortunately, there are lessons that we can get from failing. We fail, but we make sure that we keep in mind not to do the same mistakes again.  Well, you got to turn your failures into something that can motivate you.

1. ‘If you don't have any mistakes, you haven't tried.'

True? Yes, it is!  You won't commit mistakes when you did nothing. And if you did nothing, you are stuck with a little knowledge that you have – you won't grow in the marketing industry. The only thing you will grow in life, and the way you approach marketing is for you to try and do something that is new for you. That means, committing more mistakes – but a new one.

Technically, most marketers learn from the critics of their target audience. There are some clients who are vocal, especially when they are not satisfied with the product and/or services that you gave to them. With their hurtful critics, you will know what not to do again.

2.  ‘Believing your instincts'

We usually hear about "trusting your instincts". Cliché as it may seem, however, it is also applicable to our marketing career. When you sense a strong feeling, you got to believe it. Marketers who ignore their gut feeling end up regretting the choice that they have made. Sometimes, not getting the desired outcome ends up in frustrations. And it's annoying to think that we could've done something amazing if we just believe with our instincts.

3. ‘Break through the status quo'

Most marketers are guilty with this. Of course, considering the fact that we have a lot of things to do and think about, going with the flow is the option that we usually choose. What the majority agree upon, we also tend to agree with it. Definitely not thinking out of the box! If every marketer is contented with the current career that they have right now, there will be no new ideas, no new inventions, and no new marketing investments. There has to be someone who will break through the status quo for the betterment of the marketing industry.

4. ‘Make your own luck'

The moment we decide to be a marketer, we always hope that one day, we will succeed in this path that we have chosen.  Of course, who wouldn't hope for the best? Right? However, even if we are busy hoping that that one day will come, we should also not forget about the preparations that we should make. Well, it's a basic thing to do – PREPARE! Preparing involves taking some time to analyse what will happen and why. So basically, you got to ask yourself as to why you did something or did not do something, and you could do differently the next time around.

5. ‘Do what you love: It is easier to succeed that way.'

Whether you believe it or not, there are marketers who pursue marketing career without any special attachments at all. And sometimes, it is one of the many reasons why there are a lot who quit being a marketer since they just don't love the job that they are doing. They just don't like it anymore, simple. However, if you do what you love, you will not feel that you are working at all. It becomes a hobby, and you won't feel like quitting. Mind you – you will definitely last long in the marketing industry.

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