Thursday, November 24, 2016

Improving Blog Performance with these 6 Efficient WordPress Plugins!

How many times have you felt disappointed at the weak response a blog post received even if you thought its content was better than the previous one? 

Perhaps the problem isn’t on the quality of content but more on the method you use when promoting it. Over the years, various online marketing agencies have been battling on the best approach when it comes to sharing website content. 

To some, this means sharing blog posts on scattered schedules. Other prefer to share the content in one go. Then some marketers depend mainly on scheduling tools and automatically link all accounts so that one click would immediately share the material to all platforms. 

But while some of these strategies worked for a time, not everything offers a long-term efficiency. Companies and individual bloggers who use WordPress now have a best friend in the face of various plugins that help boost your site’s overall online presence! Take a quick look at this list! 

Better Click to Tweet

If you’re a fan of using Twitter for promoting your content, then this plugin is a must-have. It functions by giving out a pre-constructed tweet that contains the link to your article. Readers just need to click the ‘Tweet’ icon. From there, they could simply add hashtags and additional notes before sharing the content to their followers. 

Social Streams

Showcasing the recent activities in your Twitter and Instagram accounts may be an important part of your strategy. If so, then this plugin will allow you to stream real-time updates on your blog. There is no need to separately provide the links for the different accounts. Just activate the plugin and input the necessary information. You will then see the content of both accounts running.  

Pin It Button 

This is meant for users who love Pinterest and its excellent category or board creation feature. By installing this plugin, your images will have a bigger chance of reaching lots of people (especially Pinterest) users since they can automatically share it to their accounts without necessarily shifting through tabs. 


There are a default sharing options for WordPress. However,  if you’re looking for a more dynamic-looking social media icons to grace your individual posts, then this plugin could help. By setting this up, readers will have an easy way to share you posts, thus, reaching more people. 

Simple Social Icons

In addition to giving your readers an easy way to share content, you might also want to encourage them to look at your blog’s social pages and accounts. This plugin gets the job done. By installing it on your blog, visitors can just click on the SM icon and be directed to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts you wish to share. 
Also, you have the freedom to chance the icons’ size, color, and alignment based on your preference. 


With the robust number of people using social media on a daily basis, it is imperative for marketers and individual bloggers to share their content on social media. This plugin is created to aid content marketers schedule their posts on various platforms at their chosen time. This also allows them to personalize the curation to fit each social site. 

Plugins might occupy additional space on your blog, but given the amount of convenience they offer, installing the appropriate ones is a worthy bargain. In fact, if you examine authority websites, you will see how the accessories we mentioned above help a lot in letting more people become aware of your content. 

Try them out on your blog and see how well they boost its overall performance!

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