Thursday, October 15, 2015

How do NonMobile Friendly Websites Fare with Google?

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Checking out the latest news?

Trying to find the best Italian restaurant in your proximity?

Have an interesting post to share?

Approximately decades ago, these feats would not be possible without us having direct access to a personal computer that is wired to the Internet.But with the evolution of modern technology, this is easily achievable and manageable.

Today’s time and age have us all perpetually connected to the internet with a simple yet powerful device that can roughly fit into anyone’s pocket. And it comes with its certain perks as well as its pitfalls. So what could this potentially mean?

Well, in essence, this would be a great boon for users while being a constant bane for non-mobile friendly businesses.

Could my business potentially be at risk? 

Today, link building services are offered and are invariably utilized by companies seeking to market and promote their services, products, and goods online. This is where SEO consulting services come into play. However, with the relentless development of web evolution, many online marketing agencies struggle to keep up. And of course, Google adapts to this evolution by issuing complex updates every now and then to which SEO experts struggle to keep up with.

Google may not be as straightforward as digital marketing agencies and SEO consultants would want them to be with their updates; however, if one thing can be gleaned from this, then it is the subtle inference that Google is putting mobile users first.

Consider it this way, with the high influx of traffic coming from mobile users (given the term “mobilegeddon” by Google); it would only make sense that the world’s largest search engine would put them in the front line when it comes to search rankings. So to put it simply: Yes, your business is at a precarious position wherein your nonconformity to this modern era of searching could result to a demotion in rankings.

So, what would this mean for my business? 

Just to put it out there, if your business is not adaptable to mobile users, in other words, your website is clunky when users access it from their mobiles, improperly configured to be viewed on multiple device types and irresponsive to different screen sizes then Google might slam you with a penalty. All your efforts in polishing your website for search engine optimization (SEO for brevity) would be for naught if your site is not accessible on a mobile device.


When more and more users are accessing the Internet through their mobile phones, it is critical that business websites keep up. With this pivotal move, Google is transforming and shaping the digital terrain.

Can I do anything about it?

Of course, you can!

Your first step would be to survey if your website is mobile friendly. To do this, you would need to run two tests. First, you would need to check your website’s SERP appearances: If a mobile friendly tag appears in Google search results and if it appears there, then your website is safe.
The next test would be to run your site through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and let the application do the rest.

Of course, it does not stop there. Should your website fail the two mobile friendly tests then you would have to do something in order to keep up with Google. Make the necessary plans for a site upgrade--this is a crucial move as this ensures that your website is in Google’s good pages. The exact consequences and repercussions may still be unknown, but the risk is glaringly obvious and is already there. Any further delay on your part will cost you. Besides, if your business is truly at stake, can you really wait?

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