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What Happens When You Turn off Blog Comments?

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When we talk about blogging, receiving comments from the readers is one thing that we usually think of. What else? For bloggers, it is a common thing to get excited and feel anxious when you receive a lot of comments on your blog. Of course, it is when we usually receive praise, recommendations and hurtful comments from the people.  Although we receive various comments from them, we technically take their comments into considerations.

However, there will always be possibilities that most comments are sugar coated and may not always prove helpful for you. And not all of us here are aware of the fact that some bloggers just want to have their good deeds in return. Although we may consider these facts, we can't also deny that there are some advantages that we received from them.

In order to avoid headaches, some bloggers would play safe and turn off their blog comments. For as long as they have posted something on their blog, they're off to go. They don't care about what readers would say and/or react. And if you think you are one of those bloggers, here's what happen when you purposely turn off your blog comments.

It sends the message to your readers " I don't need your opinion"

First and foremost, as a blogger, you have to be aware that whatever content you post on your blog, there will always be someone who would leave a comment. And if you disable your blog comment, they will know that you are not willing to receive and know their opinions. And I'll tell you, it is definitely a rude thing for you to do. What if you are technically wrong and someone out there who is thoughtful enough to correct you? Unless there is someone who is bold enough to correct you, you will bring that misconception for the rest of your life.

When you are a blogger, you should be mentally prepared for the comments that you will receive from them. Well, when you make a guaranteed SEO, you have to make sure that you will not be overwhelmed of their praises, and of course, you should not take it personally when you receive hurtful comments. Although some comments might come cold and hypocritical, just think of your friend who is there to act as your mirror, pointing out things that don't fit. Receiving their comments is for your own good anyway.

In inhibits your ability to learn from your readers/audience

One of the benefits you can get when you let your readers leave their comment is that you can learn something from them. Again, this might sound cliché, however, it is true and applicable to every blogger. It doesn't mean that when you blog, you know better than them. Definitely not! There are just times that even if we think that we know something, but for other bloggers and/or readers, it is still not enough. That is why, if you turn off your blog comment, you are limiting your ability to learn something from them.

As you read and go along with their comments, you will eventually feel intimidated with the others, considering the fact that they know better than you do. However, if you get that kind of mindset into you, you will also not grow in the field of content marketing. Basically, when it comes to learning, you are open to every idea and comments that you are going to receive. Don't take it too personal, but instead, make it as your reference for a better you as a blogger.

It prevents you from developing stronger relationships with audience

You will definitely miss ½ of your blogging career when you turn off your blog comments. This is the part when you got to enjoy blogging – building good relationships between your audience. And I'll tell you, you will eventually quit blogging when you don't feel like you're having fun and learning out from it. Of course, it is totally a waste of time when don't grow from it.

Basically, when you have a strong relationship with the other bloggers and/or readers, they are willing to share their experiences and ideas with you. The more you build a good rapport, the more knowledge you can get from them. Of course, vice versa. With millions of things that can make a good topic, you will definitely enjoy talking about it with your audience. And the more you have good and interesting topics for your blogs, the more readers are willing to visit and read your blog posts. Isn't it a good thing to experience?

As a blogger, whether you like it or not, there will always be pros and cons when you turn off your blog comments. However, it is still your call on whether or not you are going to consider their opinions. As I've said, it is for your own success as a blogger anyways.

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