Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pointers: Writing and Achieving Catchy Web Copies

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Ok, let's admit! Some of us here are guilty in writing plain contents. Yes, as in PLAIN, agree? And we all do know that simply writing content is obviously not enough. Your content should be more than just presenting and giving information to your readers. Interesting and engaging content is a plus factor in order for you to achieve the desired outcome and a guaranteed SEO. Moreover, you have to ensure your content should be fresh, relevant and accurate enough. And yes, it might sound easy, but not all of us here can consistently pull that off.

Writing and achieving catchy web copies can also be demanding and a critical thing to do. There will be a lot of things to think of before you hit the "post' button. Considering the fact that your audience will pick the catchiest and most engaging content, you'd definitely do your best to grab their attention first before anyone else can.

Think of your audience

Remember, you are writing for your audience. When you are too focused on the technical terms and/or jargons, your audience may not understand what you are saying, or find it hard to digest the context that you are trying to imply to them. Basically, before you start writing, you have to ask yourself: what does your audience want or need to know? Who your target audience are? Technically, you have to make it simple yet effective and engaging enough to grab your audience's attention.

A fresh and quality content

Technically speaking, it is ok to have some inspiration from the other blogs and/or writers. You can get some ideas out from the content that they have – but definitely, don't copy it. Google can recognize whether your content is an original one or not. And if it is not, you will be marked down, and it will affect your rankings. As a content marketer, your aim will always be to have a fresh and quality content for you audience.

Observe good format

Post formats are automatically visible to any blog platforms such as Wordpress, Blogger, etc. When you add a new content/post, for example, there are already visible icons for you to manage your paragraphs and graphical enhancements. However, there are certain functionalities that you still need to enable for you to use a more advanced formats, designs or templates. Observing a good format can increase blog sharing. And of course, more and more people would love to read a user-friendly blog.

Proofread and edit

Typos and poor grammar are definitely a no-no!  Before you hit the "Publish" button, you have to make sure that you have already proofread and edit your content. Check whether there are words that are misused and misspelled and whether your sentences are clear enough for your readers to easily understand it. Again, Google will detect and penalized you. With this negligence, you will eventually lose your credibility as a marketer.

The use of right keywords

Including of keywords is a critical thing to do. And cramming your keywords with your sentences is definitely a bad idea – it can turn off your readers. Observing the right balance, you have to make sure that your keywords fit perfectly on your sentence without compromising its thought. Generally, including of keywords is also an important factor to increase your target audience. And of course, it enhances your rankings on the Google search engine.

Call to action

When you blog, it is a two-way communication between you and your target audience. That means you can have a better response from your audience when you include a call to action on your blog post. If you want to let them engage in a survey, for example, then there must be a button or a space where they can respond. Moreover, the visible your call to action buttons are, the more people will be interested in engaging in it.

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