Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Top Bloggers Do Differently to Succeed

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You stare in frustration and mild consternation at your screen as you watch your blog linger away in insignificance.  How is it that some blogs gain so much readership and success while yours is rotting in some obscure part of the net? What are these writers and bloggers doing differently that you have failed to pick up on?

Is there a secret technique to have your blog read more widely?

Bloggers who do it for fun do not seem to care so much. But if you are doing this because you are associated with link building services or are perhaps garnering pecuniary support from advertisers, then you need to switch it up.  Success in blogging is converted to a loyal following and higher readership rate.  The crucial things to think about is not to think whether or not your blog stands a chance of being read or being ranked; you should believe your blog to be already that instead.

So what sets these top bloggers and writers apart? What makes their blogs truly successful? Read on and find out.


There is an endless stream of content on the net and every single day, it gets inundate with an avalanche of more blogs and write-ups. So how do you compete? Well, your initial course of action is to meticulously pick a topic—one you think is of high caliber. Additionally, you should consider that for every topic you select and write about, a hundred—if not a thousand more similar to yours already exist. A great tip would be to scour the net for top blogs and content sources, weight them and assess them for you to determine whether or not there is an applicable gap where you could fill in. Take advantage of that and exploit that and utilize that in your blog.


Like any undertaking, you should set long-term, and short-term goals as these will help you track your overall progress.  This is all the more imperative if you are working for a company and as it is, your goals should be parallel to the voice or the message your company wants to convey. Create, define and employ specific goals for your blog and align them with your objectives.


Blogging does not only require you to get behind a computer and start typing away whenever the urge to write consumes you. It requires you to create a plan for your blog—one that will make your readers more receptive to reading from you again and again. Develop a calendar where you can cover core and key topics weekly that would meet the needs of your readers and followers adequately. Publish them regularly as well to make sure you stay relevant.


Who is the primary audience of your blog? Who makes it relevant? What are their needs? These are key questions you must answer before you can truly comprehend what your readers want you to write about. Consider that your blog is for your audience’s benefit and consumption. It should encompass more than your primary market and extend itself beyond prospects and customers. Semantics aside, your blog should be inclusive of the needs of your prospective readers which may differ from what you occasionally write about. Appreciate comments and feedbacks, apart from it being free market research, it propels you to the right path in your content creation.


A significant aphorism that most bloggers are acquainted with is “Content is King”. The truth in this statement still resonates until today. There is no better way to build a good following and a loyal base of readership than creating quality content—ones that make an impact and are relevant. Do not write content for the sake of writing content and meeting up a weekly quota lest you sound like a redundant content provider. Instead, provide the actionable information that you audience actively seeks—product information, customer FAQs, how-to lists, reviews—the list is endless. Take note, a top blogger consciously creates better information, not more information.

The logistics of being a top blogger may not always be straightforward, and the reality is, other blogs—especially ones written by seasoned bloggers get to read more than the obscure ones written by writers new to the industry. But taking these tips is a start, and it might just be the five failsafe ways to get your blog out there and read.

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