Monday, October 24, 2016

Increase Your Social Media Knowledge Using these 5 Websites!

Social connectivity has undeniably stolen the spotlights in terms of information sharing. Digital marketers and even private individuals are now spending more time on social networking sites in finding people, promoting a product and even doing surveys.

But with its popularity comes the bigger challenge of utilizing a specific platform at its best. Setting up your account is one. Planning your posts is another. For personal use, this may seem like a no-brainer. After all, places like Twitter and Facebook can easily be used to serve as one’s online journal.

It means differently though for businesses. Rather than acting as a journal, social media sites act as promotional platforms that boost the visibility and credibility of a company. This is exactly why digital marketers invest considerable time in crafting strategies on how to improve their overall online presence and engagement with their market.

Today, we’ve listed five websites that could help marketers boost their social media expertise. Feel free to check out the following.

Social Media Examiner

 This site focuses on the nitty-gritty of different social media platforms and how they can be used to advertise, promote and connect with different people. If you think you know everything about social networking sites, think again. There’s more to it than mere sharing of information.

This website teaches you how to optimize its usage in the most efficient way fit for yout target market. It’s an excellent source as well of add on resources that could help increase traffic to your page or account.


It’s composed of a community of skilled digital marketers who offer their tips, experiences and proven-effective guides on how modern marketers should treat online engagement. They feature articles, podcasts and even ebooks available for anyone who finds marketing essential.

Limited offers such as webinars or online symposium are sometimes held to gather interested in one place learn the most recent and practical approach in digital marketing.


Scheduling is a crucial factor when it comes to sharing information online. If you don’t strategize well, chances are, you won’t catch the attention of your target on the same moment when they spend their time on SM platforms.

This issue in scheduling is what CoSchedule tries to address. Their blog site is an excellent source of informatin in terms of identifying the optimal times to share content online. They also offer tips to help marketers make their content more attractive to readers.


One of the major challenges digital marketers have is time management. This website gives helpful inputs on how marketers and salespeople could become more productive in their work.

This is also an efficient resource when looking for information involving SEO and blog posting.


If its about anything relevant to social media and its recent innovation, then this website is the go-to place. It features the latest breakthroughs from website owners, social networking startup companies and more.

Social media marketing is now mainstream and companies who are serious in attracting more customers have no reason to shy away from this technique.

Even the most seasoned corporations recognize the importance of connecting digitally with their market. Should you find yourself having some difficulty in making your promotions more effective, perhaps it’s time to up your game by studying more closely the anatomy of the platform in use.

Keep in mind that different social media sites have their own unique metrics. The ones that work on Facebook may not necessarily receive the same response when applied on Twitter. As a marketer, it’s your professional obligation to assess the effectiveness of your strategy and continuosly work on making it better. 

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