Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Five Ways to Find More Blog/Content Ideas

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Content creation is undeniably difficult: whether you are writing for a major newspaper, crafting content for social media or simply creating posts for your designated online marketing agency.

Creating fresh and riveting content is not as easy as some people make it to be and does not exactly have a straightforward formula for success. With the Internet teeming with so much blog posts and ideas similar to your own, it can be rather taxing and challenging to come up with innovative and though-provoking novel posts. Sure, it may seem like a great idea to find a trending topic online, exploit it by writing something similar to it on your own. Well, this might come as a disappointment but using that recipe for content creation is going to guarantee you disastrous results—not because you have written something analogous but more on the fact that you will have a lot of difficulties generating viewership and readership as your page will be buried beneath posts similar to yours.

So, with this pressing dilemma at hand, just how do you find more content or blogging ideas for your posts?


Clients are inevitably going to ask you more and more questions as you continue to produce and generate more posts covering a wide array of topics. Some of their questions have a similar tone and in essence, share the same nature in the query. Once you have generated enough questions that are of the same trend, then capitalize on it by writing a blog post about it. If there is one way to guarantee you readership, this is it as your clients would want to be apprised of the answers to their queries. Start collating your clients’ frequently asked questions today and have an inventory of them so that when your idea well runs dry, you can pick it out from this hub of questions.


You can never go wrong with randomly searching for topics on the world’s largest search engine. Suppose you are given a set of keywords to produce content for, do no simply write those keywords in the search bar and expect stellar results. Brainstorm on the topics surrounding a given keyword and contemplate about the interesting posts you can potentially write. When you are done, do some random Google searches regarding the idea formulated in your head but do not just stop there, loiter on social media platforms and sniff around for trending topics that might relate to yours.


Take advantage of your past successful posts by creating a series that speaks of only one theme. In this way, you can guarantee that readers will always come back for more content from you and would gladly anticipate the next post of your series. Piggyback subsequent posts on past successful posts and expand on your success.


This has been trending recently, and more and more blog posts have been utilizing this novel technique. Insert infographic into your posts instead of telling your readers about the information you have gathered. They are as equally informative as a blog enriched with verbal explanations, but the bonus is that it is easier to comprehend read and has visual aesthetic value.


Craft an expansive list that covers a multitude of topics utilizing all the letters of the alphabet as first letters to your topic prompt. This is extremely valuable as it allows you to have at least twenty-six posts you can work with. Commence your list with the letter “A” and proceed down the alphabet. It may be harder to look for topics for some of the letters but with a little creativity, it is possible. Do this for any subject, and then once you are done, simply repeat the process.


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