Sunday, March 5, 2017

Joining a Conversation is Not Enough in Marketing - Spark It!

Advertising online has been very alluring to companies and brands ever since social media has successfully bridged the gap between continental boundaries.

Brands want to make friends with the people. They want to be the first on a consumer’s list of must-have products, and apparently, the best way to go about this is through social media marketing.

It’s about joining the conversation of what’s currently ‘in.’ A lot of digital marketers work in the dynamic that makes use of the trends to create campaigns that would make the product they’re promoting highly relevant to the market’s needs. In practice, this is highly strategic.

Unfortunately, with the fast-paced change that applies to what are currently trendy, being a participant of a conversation to gain leverage is no longer enough. To keep your substantial market intact and continue attracting customers, providing that unique spark is what matters more.

Sparking a conversation

But how exactly would you provide the spark? Is it about introducing a new topic?

To answer the question, it will help to recall on a good definition of the word spark. WordWeb app defines the term as:

-a small but noticeable trace of some quality that might become stronger.”

-a momentary flash of light.”

Creating a spark doesn’t necessarily have to start with something big. It can mean tapping into something small and obvious and adding a creative twist that would captivate the attention of a particular group of people. Below are few tips on how to create a spark to a particular topic.

Find out what people like most about a topic.

Before you can start crafting any marketing campaign, it's crucial that you first have a clear understanding of what makes people tick. What are the trends? What makes these trends highly conversational? How viral is it?

Understanding the nature of the trend makes it easier for you to identify which of the information can be used to promote your brand.

List unique angles that haven't been touched by any brands yet.

As you go on analyzing the trends, it's likely that you'll encounter relevant ads, promotional materials, and information produced by other companies as their unique means of riding the viral topic.

The job of digital marketers is to find a unique angle that hasn't been touched by other companies and use it to their advantage.

List features of your brand that can use the trend as an anchor.

It's imperative for digital marketers to have a profound knowledge of the product they are promoting. However, current campaigns may not necessarily highlight all the great features company products offer. To recalibrate your campaign by using the trend, the best way to start is to once again list down all the features of a product or service and try to incorporate them to the brand new messaging together with the trendy information.

Start a poll, quiz, game, promo or other interactive activities that your customers can participate online – for free!

Last but not the least, try conducting polls and quizzes online and share them on various social media platforms. They should mirror an aspect of what is trendy and somehow encourage your readers or participants to give your product a look without having to sell hard.

Successful digital marketing starts with being able to attract attention from your primary market. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be so easy considering the number of competitors in the field who seek to be noticed by the public. This is why many ventures invest in the service of SEO company in the Philippines to outrank the rest in the search engine.

Be constantly aware of the trend and create compelling copies to make your strategy more efficient. 

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