Sunday, November 13, 2016

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter for Business

In this age where social media is greatly shaping public opinion, the need to be present on the platform often used by your market is crucial.

This is why digital marketers conduct surveys and case studies to identify the best approach and methods that would work well for their specific market. There are several social media platforms and not all can be useful for your marketing strategy. One platform that works for almost all types of marketing and networking purposes is Twitter.

Ever since Twitter has gone live on 2006, it has started to gain momentum and have received worldwide attention from 2007 up to the present. With its short 140-character limit, users are able to deliver direct-to-the-point information pertaining to their core topic.

From then on, Twitter has become an effective micro-blogging platform for individuals. Professionals like mobile app developer in the Philippines can use the platform to promote their work and projects for prospect clients.

Despite Twitter’s popularity, there are still a number of businesses who don’t maximize the use of the tool, thus missing the opportunity to make their product or services more visible to their online followers. Here are reasons that may help you understand why using Twitter for business reasons has now become a necessity.

The market is large

In a record published by, Twitter has an average of 317 million active users as of the third quarter of 2016. With this in mind, you can just imagine the vast area for marketing opportunities offered by this platform.

By being active on Twitter, you get to explore the diversity of this market and provide more relevant content that those groups of people need.

Studying your competitor’s recent activities is easier

Don’t be surprised if you find your competitors using Twitter at a regular basis. The rest of the industrial world is into the practice after all. Using this platform, you get to closely get updates made by other companies and even track the responses they get from their followers.

The data you gather by following them could be an essential material that would help enhance your own company’s social media marketing strategy.

It’s effective for building brand loyalty

Branding is a crucial matter in becoming an authority in your field. This is why companies invest considerable resource to ensure that they keep a strong and good image in front of their market. Twitter is an effective tool for making this possible.

By constantly engaging with your market through concise and relevant 140-character posts, you’re also cementing your credibility on the field.

It has a more personal appeal and brings you closer to customers

Creating information-packed blog posts helps you build a name, but making high-quality one also takes time compared to constructing a single sentence message. Twitter allows users to add a personal appeal to their products and services by communicating it more personally in a concise and ‘human’ way.

It allows customers to easily get in touch with you

With the platform’s direct message option, followers or interested clients will have a faster way of sending you their concerns. Its retweet feature also helps make your post more visible to more audience without necessarily doing the legwork yourself.

It’s free

Who doesn’t want something free? Twitter is a free platform that can be set up in less than five minutes. For startup companies who are worried about the cost of advertisement and promotion, this platform could be a good starting point.

Twitter as a micro-blogging platform can do a lot more than simply sharing random thoughts. Using the platform for business can mean a huge leap to becoming a trusted brand. Maximize its usage by including it in your overall marketing strategy.

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