Sunday, November 6, 2016

5 Reasons to Add Podcasting to Your Marketing Strategy

Online marketing is the backbone for today’s digital business. Companies whose business rely mainly on online transactions have to invest time in crafting strategies that would help their message get across a lot of people.

There are different ways in building one’s online reputation and among them is blogging. By providing helpful articles, infographics and even slideshow content, potential clients will be more encouraged to check on the products and service you offer.

But with blogging’s popularity, crafting content that would resonate to your readers can be a challenge. Among the most effective methods used in delivering information nowadays is podcasting.

By definition, a podcast is ‘an episodic series of digital media files which the user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer or portable media player.’ (source: Wikipedia)

Social interactions have proven that there’s an increasing number of people who prefer this mode of getting information. And if you’re still debating whether or not to start one, here are reasons that might convince you to take the first step.

It’s cost efficient.

Compared to other forms of publications such as magazines and brochures, creating a podcast ultimately reduces the cost you’ll need to spend.

There’s no need to print any material nor pay for duplication of distribution. For businesses especially the startup ones, this means a great deal since it would mean more money saved for other more costly marketing tool.

It’s portable and easier to consume.

Convenience of usage is a vital thing and this is something that a lot of marketers struggle on considering the tough competition among companies. Podcasts, being digital materials, are easy to access.

Users can be on-the-go and still listen to your podcast episode. They also have the option to subscribe so that new releases would be directly sent to their emails.

There’s a growing demand for podcasts.

Unless you have been closely looking on today’s marketing trend, you’ll most likely miss the fact that podcasts are becoming popular. Before official company blogs are the most common users of this strategy.

Now, we’re already seeing individual bloggers producing their own content too!

Using this high demand, there is a good chance that you’ll attract more readers or followers who prefer consuming materials in podcast format.

Their content is more personal and has direct approach.

Compared to those messages that are received through email, podcasts give off a more personal appeal. This can be attributed to the fact that podcast content have more centralized topic. They are also divided into different episodes so you don’t need to push all information into one package - something common when writing long articles for your blog or website.

People looking for something easy, comprehensive and convenient to follow are more attracted to podcasts.

It’s easy and convenient for social media sharing

Whether you like it or not, social media sharing is a very crucial part of your marketing strategy. It’s technically what drives all online efforts to their success. If you want visibility, then your content has to appeal to your audience through the specific social media platform they often use.

Sharing podcasts on social media is a very efficient method to get more likes, comments and shares from interested audience.

Staying relevant and connected to your readers is the most efficient way to build a solid online reputation. This will only be possible if you use the best marketing strategies at your disposal. People who work for SEO company Philippines know this.

Podcasts are proven to be effective materials in attracting viewers and increasing site interaction. Think of potential topics to share and start your own podcast series now! 

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