Monday, November 21, 2016

7 Ways to Maximize your Facebook Marketing Plan this Holiday Season

Christmas is fast approaching, and for businesses, this means an added opportunity to sell better. A lot of people who celebrate the event are likely to purchase goods for their loved ones. Whether it’s for gift-giving or personal use, commercial companies have a significant chance to make their products even more appealing.

Creating this opportunity is a job that internet marketing agencies are tasked to manage. With more people now searching online for potential purchase, there is a significant need to boost one’s marketing strategies on the web.

If you’re eyeing to focus on Facebook marketing, then using the following methods would help increase your visibility on the platform.

Identify the key dates for individual offers

Christmas and other holidays only occur for a particular period, and your strategies must be in perfect timing. Otherwise, you will risk losing the momentum and in turn give your competitors an upper hand.

As early as now, it’s best to start already creating a calendar for the coming event by marking the dates when you plan to make any announcement or special offers. By identifying the dates, it also becomes easier to create relevant materials like hashtags fit for a specific day.

Create outstanding visuals

Sharing text content from blogs is a good thing. But Facebook’s analytics is now seeing images and videos more advantageous compared to any other content. Rather than only sharing an excellent article about your company’s latest offer, it’s best to create an enticing image that would represent it instead. Then, you may just provide the link after a short curation.

Add emotion to your content

Anything that pulls on the heartstrings, inspires, and shocks your audience is a good thing. Content that makes them feel something have higher chances of being more visible since audience are more inclined to share these things with their Facebook friends.

It’s important to sell and make your offer visible. However, make sure you do it with emotion rather than going for the hard-selling technique.

Host special events using Facebook Live

Introducing new products is best done using videos. With Facebook live now accessible for anyone, you can utilize the tool by going live on the optimum time when most of your followers are online. These live segments help you monitor real-life interaction, comments, and inquiries from people who are watching it.

Since videos can be stored on your FB account, you can make some edits after the live show and reshare it with your audience at a later time of the day.

Make Facebook offers

Facebook has a feature that allows you to make an offer. Here, you can specify whether the offer is online or in-store. Marketers are also authorized to be specific on their offer type: Amount off, Percent off, Buy one get one or Free stuff.

Ensure your content’s compatibility with mobile users

A lot of people who are on social media access information through their mobile devices. With this in mind, there should be no reason why you should not create content that fit well with mobile use. Create images that look well when accessed through a phone or tablet. Remember that you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the people as they scroll down their newsfeed. Be sure your content is catchy enough.

Share a story

We love stories. Individuals might have some differences when it comes to their story preference, but it doesn’t change the fact that we love hearing things that we could easily relate to. Marketing with this idea in mind is a crucial element to making sure you make your message relevant and memorable.

You can share a short and compelling story about your brand or how a particular product came to be. Words from your CEO or other executive members could also bring a powerful message.

Marketing through Facebook may sound easy. After all, the platform is a user-friendly area. However, boosting a campaign also needs a slight tweak from your usual strategy. Know your offers and try out some of the things we have on this list! 

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