Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tips for Reaching More People with your Facebook Live Broadcast!

Social media is both a blessing and a curse to businesses.

To online marketing agencies who manage to handle it well, the benefits could be significant. On the other hand, companies who refuse to get in touch with their market online have bigger chances of losing a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Whether you’re gunning for an increase in a publication or just looking for a way to engage with your viewers, social media can play a big role. It’s now a reality. And it’s shaping the direction many of the present day businesses are taking.

There are several important social media platforms, but one of the most respected giants is Facebook. It’s a free platform for everyone. More importantly, it has tons of helpful features that allow marketers to increase the viewership of their individual posts.

Facebook Live

When it comes to the different types of content, images and videos top the list of the most viewed materials online. This clearly speaks of how visual people are when it comes to selecting the materials they consume.

The Facebook Live feature is a recent addition to the social media giant’s attempt to encourage more users to share information as it happens. With this feature, anyone is free to build their fanbase using the type of videos or reports they share.

To marketers, this means having lots of potential competition and at the same time a more efficient and timely tool to promote any of their products or services. If you’re planning to venture into a new marketing strategy by using video content, then this tool could be a major weapon in your arsenal. Below are tips on how you can reach more viewers once you go live.

Create a compelling headline or description.

Facebook Live prompts you to say something about your live broadcast. You can opt to introduce the general topic of the video or perhaps highlight the key points you want to talk about. If there are notable personalities who’ll go live with you, then a mention of their name could help your post attract more attention.

Outline the points you plan to talk about.

Even before you go live, it’s vital that you have a blueprint of the things you want to talk about. You only have 90 minutes maximum to do the talk, and that’s really plenty of time for a live show. Make a list of keywords that presents the topics on your planned talk.

Don’t forget to create a short introductory speech too. Viewers want to establish your identity and credibility in the subject so make sure you give it to them beforehand.

Find out the optimal time on which your target market is likely to be online.

Different countries have different time zones and if your primary market is across the globe, then going live at their wee hours will only go to waste. Consider the optimal social media activity period by studying your previous posts or using advanced analysis tools.

Unlike pre-recorded videos which you could upload anytime, Facebook live is real-time. Make sure your viewers are on Facebook when you start broadcasting.

Invite some of your close friends or colleagues to tune in beforehand.

Just like any premier nights when you ask specific people to watch a show, giving your colleagues a heads-up about your broadcast would at least ensure that you’ll reach someone. They might tell their friends who are interested, which in turn would increase the visibility of your video.

Be ready to share the broadcast to other social media platforms.

While Facebook is arguably the leading social media giant, other platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn might do a better way of promoting your content to a niche-specific audience. Share the broadcast after the live one or take out important lines and points of consideration which you can convert to some artistic images for online posting.

Maximize the usage of Facebook Live using the tips we share on this list. Get more attention from your target market and enhance your product’s credibility!

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