Thursday, March 17, 2016

Four Uncommon Types of Content That Attract Backlinks

Drafting a riveting and equally shareable piece of content is hard, yet for most digital marketing agencies that specialize in link building services, this is essential.  The modern search engine optimization (SEO for brevity world) is unyielding and unforgiving when it comes to backlinks for your content. If you would want these backlinks, then you would need to consistently engender great and extraordinary content.

These links are essential as they would drastically improve your ranking in search engines and would send you scores and multitudes of referral traffic—something every content marketer aspires for.  But in order to attract backlinks, you would need to fashion contents in such a way that they are not only substantially great and informative, but you need to know how to promote them as well. So, if you want to be equally successful in your promotional efforts just as you are in your writing, then make something that is worth promoting.

This would largely mean content that is truly uncommon, unique, valuable and distinctive. And if your content would be the pioneer among topics similar to it, then it would give you bonus and kudos points.  With a multitude of topics already being currently covered and discussed online, it could be rather hard to find a particular topic that would be inimitable at best and subtly unique at worst, yet this is your goal. If you truly want to succeed in the area of blogging, you should venture out from the typical and create other forms of content that would truly stand out.
To help you get started, this article provides you with four uncommon types of content that are particularly effective. However, consider yourself forewarned as these types of content are rather difficult to make than your standard blog posts.

1.)    LISTS 

Say what you may about lists, but people actually love them. They are easy to read and would offer you quick solutions to a current dilemma or predicament. This type of content remains to be popular as they make a specific promise wherein a reader would know how much time and attention they would have to spend reading your article. Not only this, but they are relatively easy to read as they are scannable, offering your readers quick and easy solutions immediately. Lastly, they invoke a sense of curiosity in your audience as these articles are almost always crafted under the guise of “Guess the X ways to do something” queries.


If you are creating a guide, go against the mold by giving an in-depth solution to what it is you are discussing about. Elaborate on certain steps and give extensive descriptions of what your topic is about. From your point of view, you may think that the plethoric information you added to your article would cause it to sound monotonous, but to readers who would really want to know about your topic, this is a unique treasure among many guides that they have already skimmed through. Do not gloss over a topic, discuss it substantially and your readers will thank you.


This may come as a surprise to you, but infographics are currently the most viral type of content you can produce. They are such a novelty as people are fascinated by it and you can exploit this and have your blogs gain traction. To achieve a shareable blog content that would attract a lot of backlinks utilizing infographics, it is key to pick the right topic wherein you are equipped with substantial data. This works best if you broke down a topic step by step or offer statistics to your audience. Promote it to the right kind of audience and the rest will fall into place.


Your community is teeming with bloggers, readers and influencers that all have one thing in common: they are interested in your niche. If you truly want to get attention and links, then write about something that these people care about. For starters, you can find a rather complex and multifaceted dilemma that is begging for a solution. For an instance, if you have found an aspect in your niche wherein statistics are particularly lacking, take the initiative of creating that and you would see just how many of these readers will link back to you. Present this data in a creative way and you will keep your readers interested.

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