Friday, April 1, 2016

Five Content Marketing Myths That Need to be Debunked

“Marketing used to be telling a myth and telling it. Now it is about telling a truth and sharing it” –Marc Mathieu

Without a doubt, content marketing remains to be one of the most powerful ways in effectively thrusting your business to the public and a preferred audience. Today, more and more businesses whether big or small enlist the assistance of online marketing agencies to give their products the full brunt of a creative digital marketing campaign and it is because of this that many have joined this marketing bandwagon. And before we knew it, everyone anywhere seems to be a content marketer.

It is precisely because of this influx of content marketers that spurious notions are engendered. These notions are dangerous as they are the very reason your content’s potential is stifled which is why as early as now, these misguided notions, precepts, and myths should be debunked. After all, every smart content marketer should be wise enough to differentiate facts from fiction. So, in this article, we have listed a collection of common injudicious myths that you should be aware of. So that your content in the future would be in no way affected by it.

1.)    Boosting production should be a top priority. 

Considering how the “content is king” adage is very much ingrained in every content marketer, the convention wisdom would be to scale production as content marketing’s best approach. Google seems to reward those publishers that post content every day causing a lot of brands to yield an excess of content every single day. However, mass production of content, no matter how tempting it may sound, is hardly ideal as this is the primary cause why thin content ensues. Thing is insubstantial contents are hardly of any use to your readers which would inevitably cause your conversion rates to decline.  Focus on quality content over quantity as this will naturally lead to better rankings.

2.)    You need to have a presence on every social media platform

Considering the plethora of social media platforms online, most content marketers are under the impression that in order to have a successful campaign, they need to have a presence on each of these platforms. The reality is, it is so much better to have no social media presence than several social media accounts that have been neglected over time. Setting up a social media account for your business without committing to using it will not reflect well on your business.

Remember, every social media platform variant attracts a different kind of audience and a different kind of functionality. So, do your research and sign up on platforms most applicable to your business.

3.)    All of your content should be self-promotional.

Well, apart from being incredibly vain, you would appear to lose most, if not all of your customers. Traditional marketing would seem like it talks at people while content marketing should be aimed at talking with them. Make content geared towards engaging your customers and less content talking about your business. Content marketing should cater to your audience and what they want. They sure would not want to have in-your-face promotional content thrust on them every single day.

4.)    Content marketing is all about SEO. 

Although content marketing involves a great deal of search engine optimization, it is not entirely all about SEO only and nothing else. Content marketing is about people and how you create it for them. This should be your main focus and pepper it with the right amount of SEO and you will be good to go. After all, your content needs to be read and should you aspire for it to become viral, it needs to reach a wider scope of people.

5.)    Content Marketing Is Easy 

Every job may seem easy until you yourself get the chance to do it. The truth is, it takes a lot of work and a lot of creative genius, a bit of panache and flair in order to create compelling content marketing strategies and it would take a lot of patience to do as it can take months before you see any true results.

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