Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cheat Sheet: Six Catchy Headlines That Would Guarantee You Clicks

More often than not, headlines are the first thing that would pique the interest of your readers much more so than the article itself. This is what would greet them much more than your designated article photo and in an allegorical sense, this serves as an open invitation to read your entire article. And if you are a company specializing in link building services, this is all the more important. However, this begs the question: How would you craft a headline cogent enough to sway readers to click through and finish your entire article?

We have all read articles detailing how we would get click-throughs to our articles by crafting a catchy and attention-grabbing headline. We have seen them gives us comprehensive guidelines that would more or less throw in a bit of psychology and a dash of something that would potentially interest your would-be readers into the mix. In essence, these headlines should entice those who would come upon it to read the entire article—it should contain sufficient persuasive value if you may. However, most of these articles would not give us the concrete examples that we would want to draft into our next article.  This is why this article has collated a list of catchy headlines you may want to employ on your next article.


In a sense, it bears no elaboration how this would attract readers. Human beings are curious creatures by nature and the allure of disclosing an insider’s secret and knowledge is something that would very much entice them. In fact, this has been quite exploited by successful bloggers out there because hey, it works! Share some insider information and translate it in such a way that it would put your article at an advantage and benefit your readers.


The headline itself already conveys that what it contains is something your potential reader might want or need. It is a classic social proof strategy that would insinuate an existing collective desire among your readers and your article would offer them specifically and exactly that in the contents of your article.  Though a tad bit overused, it is still very much effective.


In essence, an article taking a methodical approach towards solving a consensus dilemma, and predicament or as a development scheme towards achieving the desired result is something that would attract readers as it would connote a step by step process to which they can find solutions to their problems.  Identify your target audience and determine what benefits you can provide them and the rest will follow through.


Fairly uncommon but incredibly effective, titling your articles with this headline would imply an uncommon way to address a dilemma or a less known way to solve an existing problem. In a way, this is similar to how using “the secret to” headline would work but this headline is far more intriguing and engaging.


People want everything fast and easy. This is why an article that promises them just that would garner a lot of attention and shares even. Offering your readers a quick and easy way to solve a problem would guarantee that your article would not only get a lot of click-throughs but readership and shares as well.


This headline works as it leaves the implication that the reader is missing out should he or she fail to click through the article and read it in its entirety. People’s propensity for curiosity would be the main cause for drawing them into the article, your topic would be the overall allure while the content of what you are offering is what would make them stay and read the whole article.

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