Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blogging 101: Design Ideas to Make Your Blog Stand Out

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The Internet is teeming with blogs and for every topic you can think of, you can be assured that there are dozens if not hundreds alike to yours. So when competition is this stuff and with the online community inundated with millions of content each day, how does one compete? True enough, bloggers have all sung praises and lived by the proverbial adage of “content is king” and while having epic content is the crux of every blogger’s designated website, it is not necessarily sufficient.

The bitter truth is:  great content may give your blog that much needed meat that it needs, but it would fail to garner notice amidst the deluge of other blogs and write-ups similar to it. And if you want your blog to grab that much-needed attention from the online community, you are going to have to look a lot further than providing great content—you would also need to call their attention.

So how is this achievable? Well, a few tweaks and design innovations are essential to draw attention, and when you have adequately done this, you need to find a way to maintain it. Your online followers, fickle as they are, can get easily sidetracked, distracted and bored so if you have a tedious design, chances are they would not be sticking around. If you are looking for ideas on how to go about this, read on as this article provides you with different design tips you can utilize on your blog website.


Having great website navigation, one that is equally alluring and user-friendly plays a pivotal role in making online readers stay on your blog. Blogs that have clunky navigation often confuse potential readers and turn off visitors making them less likely ever to visit your blog again. So tweak your navigation design, a great way to start is to base this on the overall theme of your blog. In this way, it will feel more personalized and will make more of an impact on your audience.


Most bloggers make the vast oversight of neglecting to spruce up their footers with the mistaken notion that readers hardly ever notice it. But the reality is, many people actually do take a look at footers. Find a fantastic way to end your blog and spice it up to give it a nice touch.


People who would be reading your blogs would most likely want to get to know the author behind those posts. Essentially, having an “about the author” section in your blog gives them an insider view of the purveyor of the interesting posts they have read. After all, it is comparatively more practical to tell them about the author than just having your name written at the end of your post. Add a small avatar as well to make things look personal.


Designating space for a breaking news feature allows your readers to direct their attention to the current events, issues and things that are happening which are in relation to the theme of your blog.  It gives your content a certain urgency and importance that would update your readers regarding current developments.


Most blogs typically do not incorporate this feature to their blogs but what they have failed to factor in is the fact that recurring readers would not want to be encumbered with scouring through all your content just to find a particular post. Integrate this feature into your blog and give your returning readers an ease of access to the previous posts they want to read.


Collage style backgrounds are trendy and are pleasing to the eyes. Additionally, this is a surefire way to make your website stand out and will give your blog that much needed visual aesthetics. Realistically, your audience is there for your content but it helps if you provide them with great imagery. So with that in mind, use a collage as a backdrop but do not go overboard lest it detracts your readers attention away from your content.

Keeping your blog interesting, up to date and relevant does not have to be hard as shown above. However, a word of caution: Although, blog customization allows for a more personal feel and would make a more striking and impacting impression on your audience, make sure you customize with moderation. Do not go too overboard and introduce all of the customizations you can think of into your blog as it will leave it looking unprofessional and clunky. Strike a balance and your blog should definitely stand out.

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