Thursday, November 5, 2015

Marketer's Anxieties: 8 Things You Probably Don't Know That Stress Them Out

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Do you know that being a marketer is also stressful? Even if most marketers are working in a prestigious digital marketing agency, they still can't escape situations that makes them anxious and stressed out. Although some situations are considered minor for some people, but for marketers, these minor things can already make a great impact on their career if not taken care of immediately. Like any other jobs, working as a marketer is not a joke.

Whether you like it or not, marketer's role is not for everybody. There are certain qualifications that make up a good marketer – which sometimes leads to marketer's physical or mental pressure. And if you can't take serious pressures, then you probably are not fit for the position.

Marketers also worry. Of course, it is a normal thing to experience even if you are not a marketer. However, there are certain things you probably don't know about what makes a marketer stressed out. Well, you'll find out below:

1. Access to capital

We all do know money is very important. You cannot do business when you don't have enough money for your capital. And it's not all the times that marketers can keep the cash flow to pay their bills and workers. There are even times they seek help from loans just to keep their business going. And this is one of their financial concerns.

2. Pending promises

The promises made by the marketers are very vital. It Can make or destroy their career. If they lie on a particular promise, or even if it is a simple or minor situation that marketers was not able to manage the said promise, this might not be a good idea to retain a good reputation of their company. Of course, they are the face of their respective companies.

3. Making decisions

Like committing to promises, making decisions are also vital to marketers. Even making the smallest decision, it can change their entire career. Whether their business will grow or a failure, it will all depend on the decision making of the marketer. And mind you, overthinking can also cause some fatigue and can negatively interfere with your mental health.

4. Staying strong as leader

Being a leader can sometimes give you a satisfying feeling, but with the sense of responsibility. As a marketer, you should not show your weakness to your co-workers or employees. Yes, it is normal for you to feel that way since being a leader can also mean pressure. But if they see you weak, they will labelled you incompetent and not fit for being a leader. If there are anything that troubles you, it is also your duty to remain calm, positive and contained when it comes to the decision that you are going to make.

5. Clients

One of the reasons why marketing business is going strong is because of the clients. Without any clients at all, it is impossible for the business to grow and continue. And we all know that not every day clients are on its way to conduct some marketing transaction on your business. It is also one of the many things most marketers tend to think about how they are going to make and engage more clients on their business.

6. Nailing a presentation

As a marketer, you have so many things that you need to think of aside from having the presentation. And it is their struggle to organize a messy situation.  The presentation conducted by the marketer can close a deal. Of course, if it's clearly and properly presented. If not, then say goodbye to your clients.

7. Retaining great talent

Marketers know that they cannot do business on their own; they need someone or a team for them to boast a business. And let's admit, choosing the right person with the right capability is hard to find. And with hundreds to thousands of people who are willing to work with you, only a few are worthy of your trust. Not to mention marketer's competitor who is also willing to get what you have, it is also their responsibility to build a good tandem between the marketer and the employee, to avoid any departures or resignations.

8. The unknown

Doing business also means taking a risk. Even if you are not a marketer, doing business will take some of your time, effort, and money. And if you are not careful in handling situations that can ruin your career, then doing business might end up in failure. Facing these unknown or unexpected situations that might come on their way is also a challenge. That is why, marketers also have their back on up plan whenever something is going to be out of its place.

When you enter the world of marketing, you have to expect that all things are not permanent. You have to know that business will eventually make a bang when it comes to its sales. And you also have to know that there are also times a business will become slow and might reach rock bottom. However, it will always depend on how you are going to handle situations that can change everything in your career.

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