Thursday, November 19, 2015

For Marketers: You Need To Stop Doing These 4 Time-Wasting Habits

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Procrastination is the number one enemy of productivity. This is the time where we tend to unconsciously and consciously do things that hinder being productive.  Although we all know that doing things that are not in line with our work is not a good idea, we still continue to do these things since perhaps, it's just simply a temptation.  Sad to say, even marketers who are working in a digital marketing agency Philippines, they also can't escape procrastination sometimes. And I'll tell you, it is still ongoing.

As a marketer, we always have to know that the amount of time we have every single day is very limited. We don't have the luxury of time, especially when we are aiming for a high-quality traffic on our blog posts or websites. However, there are things that keep us from doing the right thing to do – and that's being productive.

Well, if you are one of those people who are struggling and wondering why things aren't getting done on time, then you might be procrastinating whether you realized it or not. For you to know the things that keep you busy without being productive, then below are some examples of those.

1. Trying to do everything yourself

If you are not a believer in the statement ‘no man is an island', then this time, you better do. As a marketer, it is a normal thing for you to have a lot of things to think of and do. And that includes on how you are going to manage and divide your time for you to accomplish the things that need to accomplish. However, there are just times that you need a helping hand to make the work easier and faster. It is in those helping hands where you can do a lot without worry about forgetting important matters.

2. Saying ‘Yes' to everything

Saying yes might be a good thing to do. It is also in the 'Yes' where we can find good opportunities to try. However, it is also in the 'Yes' where we can find our downfall. Of course, saying yes to everything is a dangerous thing to do. And as a marketer, you have to be very careful on to what and who are you going to give your yeses. Moreover, saying yes without knowing a specific plan or the overall idea on a particular matter will lead you to disappointments, anxieties, uncertainties and stress. And I'll tell you, experiencing these kinds of disturbance is not healthy physically and mentally.

3. Waiting for perfection

To those people who are waiting for perfection, you better stop waiting for perfection doesn't exist if you wait for it. It is in committing mistakes you can achieve perfection. It might not be that perfect but at least, it is close to perfection. Moreover, waiting for perfection is one of the many excuses marketers tend to have when they are not motivated enough to do and try a particular strategy. If they think that a particular strategy won't work out, they just sit and do nothing, rather than trying and making it work. These kinds of people who wait for perfection will not succeed unless they change their attitude and approach towards their goal.

4. Allowing distractions to constantly interrupt your day

I believe, we are all guilty of this! Of course, who would not be tempted to open his/her phone with expectations that there are messages in their inbox? Or tries to open their social media accounts if there are any interesting and engaging topics that are in trend? Or even secretly conversing with their friends, crush or boyfriends/girlfriends on messenger? Well, I couldn't agree more since I too sometimes tend to do those things. But do you know that allowing these distractions interrupt our work contributes to being a procrastinator?

Yes, this might sound harsh but we are already procrastinating in such a way that we can't focus and give our one hundred percent attention to our work. And sometimes, due to our negligence, this can lead to a poor quality of our work. And I'm sure you don't want them to name you as a procrastinator. Right?

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