Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Videos Are Important in Digital Marketing

Youtube. Instagram. Vine. Vimeo. These are just a few of the many other video social sites used by most people online in order to be more likely sociable and so on. But how do videos help in improving a site’s performance? Just as a digital marketing agency in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world would suggest, videos come often virally especially when they are produced with great quality and information.

There are many platforms a digital marketer can use to improve a site’s performance. It may be through striking or humorous images, or in depth and engaging written content. But through videos, it can entice more audience and have their attention on you. We would agree that a motion picture normally attracts us more than an intriguing novel or comic book based on the same story.

What is its essence?

Some people may prefer reading but if you are focused on doing some marketing efforts to a maximum number of people, producing videos is an answer. Surely, there is something about writing content for your website and using videos as a strategy. Both have the same intentions but they differ in their approaches. Focusing more on video marketing, it not only makes it easy for the audience to grasp information through listening but also by watching series of clips that would evoke feelings.

The Feels: Videos can Evoke Emotion

Interesting visual content, unique and of high quality videos can arouse strong feelings within your audience. And by this, it can create feels, as what is normally called today, which are evoked from watching your videos.


There are different video types that evoke certain emotions depending on what you are showing your audience. Some video marketing strategies are conveying messages that would allow your viewers to evoke trust towards you. One example is by showing your audience what your company is about, what your vision and mission is and what you have been up to for them to continue patronizing your products. Using online videos have a bigger advantage over other marketing contents, and that is the human touch it brings to brands.


Igniting your potential audience’s curiosity is something that you would want to achieve, try dividing your content into shorter videos. Make a series of clips to be uploaded and viewed separately. By this, it becomes an effective video marketing tactic if you also want to get conversions from random viewers into subscriptions. A tip is to always end your videos with a teaser about what your audience could expect on the next videos or a place a call-to-action link that would navigate them to a site for further details not shown in the video.

A video by Starbucks courtesy of YouTube


There are videos that would suggest their audience to feel comfortable with themselves, as much as being confident with what they have. These are videos that showcase testimonials and instill confidence in their potential customers.

Recommendations can trigger trust and confidence to your products especially if you use video marketing strategy to let your customers know that you are producing good quality products and services.


There are videos that are very interesting that would keep viewers to want for more. Most viral contents on the Internet and social media are videos. They are fun to watch and some are extremely creative. If you have a very unique concept that you can relate to your niche and bring it to life with a perfect blend of creativity and humor, you have made a recipe that would increase your brand’s fan base.

An example video from Coca-Cola that evokes excitement

Conceptualization might need a quite tad of time but if you can manage to make one, it will set you apart from others because the competition will be sparse enough for you to be viral.

Truly, there are still quite a lot of reasons why videos are important in your marketing strategy. To sum it up, visual content such as producing or embedding relevant videos on your site to boost your promotions relies on how well you could also keep up with the attention span of the Internet users. There may be obstacles that you would face, disadvantages perhaps that could come your way, but always keep in mind the positive outcome that you could acquire from producing such videos. Learn to make new and creative ones and sure enough, you will get to where you wanted to be.

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