Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Top Predicted SEO Trends of 2015

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The year is almost coming to an end, and before we officially wrap up the year, it is time to take a look back and review one of the most overlooked marketing strategies in the web that is none other than search engine optimization. For companies looking to build their product or specializing in link building services, SEO is quite a crucial aspect in their marketing strategies and this current year, we will review some of the biggest trends that have made an impact on search engine optimization itself and the digital world.

It is worthy to note that SEO has rapidly been evolving in the past four years where algorithms frequently change making search engine optimization even more necessary to match the new standards set. As the strategy evolved, it became more holistic and integrated almost everyone involved in digital media to assist in achieving the same task that is to optimize a website appropriately.

So before 2015 draws to a close, let us take a look back at some of the predicted trends of search engine optimization.


Seeing as how most users surf the Internet through their phones, access social media apps on smartphones and are basically glued to their phones, it is only inevitable that Google makes the pivotal move of penalizing any webpages that do not provide sufficient optimization for mobile. Simply stated, this was the year where a mobile takeover happened and where mobile optimization was far more frequent than desktop ones. Essentially, as mobile usage constantly decreases, SEO strategies need to keep up to suit the needs, demands, and requirements of these consumers.
Additionally, mobile and desktop algorithms are inordinately different making it imperative to comprehend how each works to have a competitive advantage.


A picture may paint a thousand words, but a video can definitely say a lot more. In fact, as research would have it, consumers tend to purchase a product or avail of a service after watching a video. The creativity and ingenuity in crafting and creating videos may not be as easy as it is in writing written content, but they do go a long way. Quality audiovisuals complemented with the appropriate descriptions and hashtags will do well for a brand, and if it goes viral, the odds of purchasing power are even higher.


Seeing as Google+ failed to generate that much-needed attention from users, Google is prompted to include other social media juggernauts such as Facebook and Twitter as determining factors of a company’s SEO strategy. With the integration of social media into SEO, it is not only essential but imperative to create content for various social media platforms rather than zeroing focus on one. Google is known to reward brands for this by pushing them at the very top of the search page.


Brand mentions and citations have become as powerful as links. Fresh manuals from Google has shifted its focus towards recognizing brand mentions as more important seeing as that in the past link building was over exploited and utilized by brands. This year, it has become important to mention your brand in any content you post online whether it may be in social media, blogs or web content if you want it out there and recognized.


SEO campaigns are extremely varied. However, for this year, it has definitely been more rewarding to be more humanized. Building relationships with potential customers, users and consumers, internal clients, suppliers, influences and even the competition has become rather important. Considering that brand mentions are as big as links, it only makes sense that by building relationships, you can increase the frequency of mentions and your respective online performance.

2015 has introduced innovations in search optimization and from here on then; it only looks like SEO is going to progress even further in its evolution. Consider that SEO is a tool of constant change which is why it is essential to keep tabs on any information that might be useful in your marketing strategy. Always keep an ear out for any Google updates or anything that might be relevant to the progress of SEO and you will continue to stay on top of the game.

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