Monday, September 29, 2014

Social Media: Marketing Your Restaurant Business Effectively

There are many social media marketing strategies that are rampantly made nowadays; some are very much practically created; yet others are just produced for the sake of having one and not being properly thought of. Creating a website is a good start but backing it up with social media is just the trick. Any digital marketing agency in the Philippines, among others, would know how this goes and making it as a top priority on the line is just as important as opening your restaurant on time.

Social media is a very used platform in this generation. And there are various social media campaigns that are swarming the online community. Your restaurant may also be swarmed especially when you know how to maximize your marketing collateral deals, not only traditional means, but by the use the Internet.

Why Market?

Well, first off, you are a business. And for you to get noticed and your products to be availed by consumers, let them know that you exist. In today’s way of doing marketing strategies, a lot are already expanding because of the wide opportunities that are allowing them to perform such. There is quite an advantage about making marketing strategies for the kind of business you are in because, let’s face it: food is enticing. And how much more if you promote it correctly?

Great Food = Excellent Marketing

This happens when the product, in this case—food, makes the marketing process easier. If you know that you produce good dining experience to your customers, much to say, it would be an easy case to sell out. Yet, since the new age is giving you more opportunities to make do and sell out more, thus optimizing the social media experience for the benefit of your business will not only give you the advantage but also enough gain and popularity.

To reiterate, there are a lot of ways in pursuing a marketing strategy with different platforms available, but let us focus on social media marketing:

Create Interesting Content

Chances are, you might already have a Facebook page having a decent number of followers. Connecting to your community would make you truly grow the most in your social media account. To make this possible, you have to create and offer them relevant content consistently about your restaurant.

Further more, what sparks an interest to them would also be about how you do things in your restaurant, the people on your team or anything about your local area. You can also share to them your special dishes, interesting information about your menu items, some free recipes and more.

Update Latest Happenings

By using Twitter and Instagram, you can share some up-to-date news and tidbits about your restaurant. You can easily post updates about your new menu items or the latest discount offers you can give your customers. You can also create your own mobile applications to make it an easy access for your customers. Just a tip, choose an excellent mobile app development agency to accomplish this for you. By doing so, you are tempting your customers with lip-smacking content such as photos and people enjoying the atmosphere in your place, which would leave your customers interested and eventually visit your place in no time!

Offer Deals and Contests

Deals and contests can create engagement and attract visitors. It will send in a lot of likes and follows to your page and other social media accounts because they wanted to be on top of the game. It will keep them elated about the hottest deals your restaurant can give them.

Encourage Visitors to Check-In

With the use of Foursquare, you can encourage your customers to check-in and share where they are in their social media accounts as well so that the ball of interest will keep on rolling. If their friends happen to know that you are in your restaurant, chances are, there will be incoming feedbacks and will allow them to explore your place more, especially if they haven’t been there yet.

Share Your Menu

With the social media trend that is happening, you can take advantage of posting your menu on your Facebook page, or a photo of your recipes on Instagram to let your customers see what you are serving them. Aside from that, it would spark curiosity to them especially if you are a themed restaurant.

Customer Service

Last but not the least, on the list. Keep in mind that awesome customer service keeps your visitors more interested in you. No matter if you only have a small following on your social media accounts, but eventually that would increase if they will know how much you value their customers through proper customer relations.

There you go! Just a few tips from us to you! If you have any more suggestions in mind, the comment section is always welcome for you!


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