Monday, September 22, 2014

5 Lessons You Can Learn From 'Doctor Who' for your Start-up Business

As what the Doctor always says, “Geronimo! “ and “Allons-y!” (French for “Let’s go!” you would know that the Doctor is very much adventurous and open to all possibilities. Doctor Who is a British TV show at BBC and has been airing for 50 years, in total. Perhaps, any geek would know about this show for sure. Yet for now, it’s the 12th doctor’s time and perhaps, there are instances where learning can be absorbed from this sci-fi TV show. Now, to connect it with having a business, say for example you are a start-up business of a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, you might be able to get some lessons in pulling off your business, either personal or by employee relations.

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Below are five simple and helpful learning that we can extract from the show about maintaining a business:

Follow Your Passion

Just like the Doctor, his passion is travelling. He time-travels in order to see the beauty of the past and the present. He follows his passion when it comes to helping the oppressed people, by helping out. And he dreams of a peaceful galaxy, not only among humans, but also among all the elements beyond and underneath the galaxy, including alien relations.

If you associate this thought with your business, most importantly, you are putting up a business because you believe in the passion that burns inside you. Not only that, but the purpose of turning those ideas into wonderful realizations that not only you can be satisfied, but also the people who needed your talents. It is said that we are made with and for a purpose. And I guess, it just makes the world even better if every entrepreneur uses that passion for the purpose he or she believes in.

Help People

Helping people find solutions should also be one of your priorities. Not just for moneymaking’s sake, but also to add a legacy that your business has done something good for the human race. It may come in small ways but “it’s the thought that counts”. It is also important to do well and excel, just like how the Doctor responds to those who needed him the most. He is good in finding solutions and is good in patching up what needs to be fixed. By having this in mind, your company will prosper because it thinks for the good of people.

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Enjoy Your Companions

The Doctor knowingly has had different companions in his thousand years of existence. What fun can you get from having a companion share your adventures and the feeling of adrenaline rushing in? In your business, you needed companions too! May it be your business partner or your colleagues, or your employees, the thought is, you should enjoy the companionship. You should not be left alone dealing with the whole business without enjoying a few laughs. It would also sound healthier if you treat your employees (and business partners) not too strict (but still with authority) as well as learn from them too. Having a companion in every step of the way is such a humbling experience and perhaps, it would not only help you in your decision making but also in dealing with people.

Risk Decision-Making

Oftentimes in businesses, there would come a time where you need to undergo tough decision-making. It would be not be a rewarding experience not being able to experience that; overcoming decisions that are quite rough. But by being able to do right decisions no matter how hard it is, would be such a relief. And just like the Doctor, despite having to deal with the whole galaxy in his shoulders, he still manages to think things through and weigh consequences if he decides things. It is like being a hero, but not really.

Adjusting to New Trends

For being able to outlive centuries of generations, the Doctor still manages to get by with the latest trends that are happening around him. Even if he goes back to the 1700s, or goes fast-forward to the future year 2500, he still finds a way to deal with the new trends and being able to cope up. In a business, everyday is a learning experience. And with that would mean having to cope up with the different business trends in the society and of course, in the Internet.

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