Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reasons Why Marketers Should Make Use of Facebook's Ad Scheduling

With the social media as one tool to promote products, services and items online, ways on advertising have been emerging to make the experience more efficient and productive. Aside from Facebook application development in the Philippines, among others, there are many other features in which Facebook can be of good use. In the recently introduced scheduling feature, Facebook allows users to run ads according to their chosen time of the day, which makes the experience worthwhile.

In this entry, we will get to know more of the useful things about Facebook’s ad scheduling and how to make use of it.

What is Ad Scheduling?

Ad scheduling is basically allotting a time for your ads to be promoted, in this case, through a social media called Facebook. Scheduling advertisements are more often used by marketers who want to keep their campaigns running without manually doing them every time.

Facebook Ad Scheduling: how can this help?

With the new Facebook Ad Scheduling feature, users can:

Specify the days and times where and when you want your ad to be served. 

Basically this makes the work done easily because once you have specified the days and times you want your ads to be serve and have them on schedule, it automatically does its job, just like setting up your alarm clock—as easy as that.

Combine the run times with independent budgets and audiences.

Especially for businesses with tight budgets, this scheduling feature on Facebook can be used according to your marketing plan. Of course by mentioning budget, it would also mean having the potential audience that you are targeting on a serious consideration. You would not want to spend money on not well thought of strategies, right?

See how your ads perform at different times of day.

By scheduling your ads, it becomes a learning experience for you to know how well your advertisements perform through different times of a day. By this, it would mean knowing a more appropriate marketing strategy for the next following ads that you are planning to do for your brand.

You might be wondering why you have not heard about this feature on Facebook, because it is quite new. However, this scheduling method isn’t new. In fact, Google ads have been offering this feature for a few years now. They refer to it as dayparting—the practice of dividing the day to show your ad campaign within specific blocks of time.

On Facebook, you can use it through Power Editor. Ad scheduling is configured at the Ad Sets level. This allows you to combine times with budgets and audiences.

Scheduling Your Ads

A thing to consider is that your ads must serve in relation to your audience’s time zone and not on your local time. Carefully plan out different time zones that would fit best to your promotional strategy.

There are three options to set up your times:

First is simply selecting the full days by clicking on the All Day column. 

Second is clicking and dragging through the grid cells to select specific blocks of time.

Third is selecting the same blocks of time for every day of the week by clicking and dragging the Every Day row at the bottom of the chart. 

Is Ad Scheduling Right for You?

There are different scenarios where you can say if this feature works for you and your business (or not).

For businesses, some circumstances are:
  • When an ad click from your user requires a responding action in real time for you.
  • When you need to promote an event or show a couple of hours before, but not after.
  • When a B2B company needs to target their audience only during business hours.

There are also times when you are targeting your fan base by basing your campaigns on the times when your fans are online. You can see the chart on your page Insights.

However, this kind of metric has no indication that your fans who are online at other times won’t engage on your ad, then scheduling ads to coordinate solely with when your fans online might be a mistake. By knowing this, you guess. You test, gather data and analyze the results to make an educated decision.

By targeting delivery of your ads with greater precision, Facebook’s Ad Scheduling will not only allow you to set start and end dates for your ads, you can also choose specific hours of delivery for each day.

Nevertheless, use this feature with care and consideration. It may be a ‘game changer’ for your business, but it might play against you if you don’t use it accordingly.

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